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Powder straps

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I am heading to Whistler this Feb. Hopefully the Snow Gods will be good to the resort for that time. With deep snow comes the potential for lost skis after a fall, as happened to me a few years ago at Fernie. Can one make thier own straps or does MEC. sell them?
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A release strap works but finding one may be difficult and attaching it to the ski is even harder if there is no attachment point on the binding (as it must withstand the forces of a crash or windmilling ski). If you sew, you can make one out of flat nylon webbing and a metal buckle (Fastex or similar plastic buckle strength may be inadequate).

You can easily make your own ski "locators". Use a durable ribbon or flat fabric tape in a bright color (red). Go as long as possible 3'-5' without making it too bulky when rolled up. Attach one end to you binding or ski (since the ski separates from you, the attachment does not need to be as strong). Roll it up. Tuck the roll under your pant cuff and you're good to go. Avoid having excess ribbon/tape hanging out as it can catch and pull out, trailing this long ribbon/tape as you ski. When you release, the ribbon pulls out from under your pant leg and (hopefully) is visible when you look for your skis.
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What about a piece of shock cord? Just tie it on and off you go. Finding a place to tie it to your heal piece is another matter, though.

No need for fancy stuff. If you go for the tape (as mentioned above) you can use surveyors' tape. It works just fine and is cheap by the roll. Just tie it on that place you can't find on your bindings.
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There is a fabric store not too far from me, so I'll go there and by some ribbon, attach one end to my binding then roll up the rest and stuff it under my pant legs that stretch over my boot tops. Now I just need to do some thing or things that will help bring on the dumps. Thanks to everyone. Marko
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Skip the straps and crank your bindings instead.
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Mec has them and they are well made

http://www.mec.ca/Products/product_d... 1199554369483

they also come in hot pink
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