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fungus growing in the corners.

I stayed in a house in AK that had mushrooms literaly sprouting out of the carpet in the bathroom. I took pictures but don't have access to them now.

that house was funky. and people actually lived there.
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My buddy and I spent 3 nights in 1975 at Bob's Quality Motel on 300 West in SLC, about a half mile north of downtown. Total tab for both of us was $27. ($4.50 a day apiece!) The heater was stuck on full blast and we couldn't reset it. The beds were lumpy. Paint was coming off the walls and the bathroom was a little scary, but the shower worked and the towels appeared to be clean.

After a day of skiing it all didn't really matter, we were too tired to care. We managed to sleep in spite of the heat. We did one day each at Snowbird, Alta and Park City before heading back to Colorado.

That part of town is now undergoing some big-time remodeling. I think the building was torn down several years ago.

I wouldn't stay in a place like that now, not even for $4.50 a day.
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I will never forget this. Spring 1985. I was in Germany with my brother and we were staying with a German friend of his who was a major skier. His friend drove us to Stuben in Arlberg (Austria), and when we got there we parked in town. It was mid-afternoon. We took a chairlift up out of town, transferred to a second chairlift that took us higher, then got off, skied down the mountain a bit and then took a long off-piste traverse (maybe 1/2 mile) to a tiny hut ("Hutte") way up there by itself on the mountain. The Hutte provided accommodations consisting of a very large rectangular room with about 20 low flat beds along the walls, and a kitchen/eating area where the "caretaker" provided very basic food and drink. There was no hot water other than what was heated on the stove. I can't remember what this cost but it was ridiculously cheap (of course the dollar was worth a lot back then). We were the only ones there during our several-day stay. Each morning we would get up, eat, put on our skis and ski down into town, and then spend the day skiing the Arlberg resorts (which were awesome--very different from any of the big areas I've skied in the western US). I think that my 3-day ski pass cost about $25.00 at the then current exchange rate. This was the greatest ski experience, and one of the greatest all around experiences, of my life.
That's a great memory. I ate in some places like that, but didn't spend the night. The Alps are dotted with those little "hutte" places, both near piste and in deep backcountry. I would see them high on the mtns and long to just pull in and stay for the night or the week. Far different experience than their ski towns/villages, many of which are oriented towards party-vacationers, and perhaps more like the old Alta ascetic.
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Mad Ellen

We stayed with Herb and Alice in 1984. What a place!

All you could eat breakfast and dinner....with as much as my brothers and my friends ate, I don't know how Herb made any money. The showers were absolutely ice cold and we loved the bunk house! Home of our original "earth dog" vacation. When we were there, the only other guests in the bunk house were "Doc and the Boys"....that's what we called them. A few boys and their doctor Dad from NYC. We were all either in college or just out and looking to stay somewhere on the down low $ wise. Couldn't have had a better place then the Mad Ellen!

I was back in Waitsfield with my sons 2 years ago and I set out on a mission to find the Mad Ellen. I found it....but it is not the Mad Ellen anymore. In fact, there is a rather foreboding sign that recommends you stay off the property....wonder if a lot of Mad Ellen alumni have come a-calling!
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No one has mentioned the Mouse House in Aspen. It was a block from Little Nell and must have had 20 bunks in a 24 x24 house. It was 10 bucks and in the morning a huge pot of coffee and 4 doz donuts. get up quick, eat and be gone as all your bunk mates were waiting for the 1st lift.
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The coolest B&b for me was the Golden Kitz in Stowe in1982. A pot of soup would be on after a day of hard skiing. The owner(wish I could remember her name ) would call everyone Lovey, because she couldn't remember our names.
Great location, great vibe.
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