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New Boots for wide/mismatched feet

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Hello all. Let me begin by saying I have an appointment in March with Jeff Bergeron in Breck so I am hopeful my fit woes will be resolved. However, I was hoping to educate myself a bit more here in the interim.

Measuring my feet I have an 11 1/2 left foot and a 12 1/2 right foot. Both of my feet are wide at around 4 1/2 - 4 3/4. My current boots are Atomic B series 50's. Those boots have caused me a good bit of pain in the toe and ball of my foot. Last time I used them they had my feet very numb and cold. Putting them on now I have pain in my left and right feet. I don't remember my exact shell size but it equates out to about a 9 1/2 regular shoe size on some of the charts I have seen.

I am looking for a totally new boot to be fitted by Jeff. I am looking for comfort primarly as I am not a speed demon but I am still an intermediate skier. I tend to cruise more than anything else. I am 6.1 280 and a low intermediate skier (I say that b/c it takes me a full day before I get my confidence on the slope. Once I feel comfortable I have no problems on blues and greens at moderate speed.) I would like a boot I can grow into a bit. I think the B series was a bit on the low end for me flex wise given my weight and size. I also believe I have advanced beyond that boot's suggested skill level.

Here is my direct question:

Given the difference in length between my 2 feet and the width should I consider a custom boot?
I am going to re-measure my feet with a fitting device before my appointment with Jeff and give him the exact sizes 2 weeks prior to my appointment so he can suggest a boot but I am curious if an off the shelf boot will work in the end.

BTW I am not trying to second/first guess Jeff, as I haven't gotten any recommendations from him yet. I am just stuck in Fla. waiting on my trip so I am in the mood to talk ski boots............ LOL!
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some basics:

you can make a small boot bigger, but not a big boot smaller. So fit for the smaller foot and make the larger boot bigger. IF performance is not the #1 then you might be able to get away with a bit bigger boot. Maybe something that is inbetween the 2 sizes. a 15mm shell fit is about right and punch and grind for the larger foot
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