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Nor'easter Coming Soon?

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Woohoo....... It looks like winter may be hitting big this weekend in the mid-atlantic!!!!!!! May be skiing by Sun. after all. Please Ullr hear our prayers...

Also turns out the skiing weatherman may have hit his preditions right. Thanks Herb.

But, only the next few days will tell for sure.
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Looking good so far.We may get a fair amount here in eastern PA also.50th birthday on Tuesday.I would love to spend it skiing.
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if thats not a HUMONGUS jinx i dont know what is. Posting weather predictions on message boards is baaad karma, it single handedly gave utah one of the worst winters on record last year. Every time a storm got near, some unnamed maggot would spew about how it was gonna dump, then the storm split, leaving utah high and dry. It had been dumping here all november until the same maggot made a weather prediction, the only precip we have gotten since then is a little bit of mtn rain. The facts speak for themselves, i would edit that post ASAP if i were you.
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Yep.... weather channel says she's a bonafide Nor' easter. My little hill got 10"-12" (that's more than our annual average), and I hear areas of N.E. will get up to 20". Yippie!!!!!
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And someone said it was a jinx to talk abou it... Meanwhile I can barely see through my window covered with so much snow!

FREAKING WINTER BLISS, BABY! That's what I call it!

At work everyone thought I had lost my mind since I was THE ONLY person happy about this snowin'. Well, what can I say?! Maybe so but a happy nut with a pair of tuned up skis!

Tomorrow is Belleayre time!

[ December 06, 2003, 05:39 PM: Message edited by: Euclide ]
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It's coming down in and around Albany, NY. Total accumulation ~8" so far and counting.
I skied Okemo today and would like to get back there tomorrow. Other plans tough: i've got some working to do.

So I went out for the first day of the season again. I have to admit I was anxious after blowing out my right knee last year on that occassion @ K'ton... No problemo though.

Conditions as expected: cold, snow, wind, fog. But everybody who made it out there, especially early morning, could push around some fresh, so that was nice.
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Eastern Ski Bum, your prayers will be answered.

Yours truly,

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i was wrong, which is a good thing. Meanwhile here in oooohhttaa were are getting dumped on. supposed to get 30 inches tomorrow on top of the foot they got today.
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