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I can't stand the drone voice snow phones and I can't really do the text message to a short code mainly because the keys are two small and there are too many steps. I was not the generation that grew up with a cell phone. Anyway check out this alternate I found that I think is pretty neat. All you have to do is call the resorts DSR number and you get a free automatic text message response and then you just read the snow conditions. Pretty simple.

Here are some of the numbers for Lake Tahoe resorts that I copied from their webpage. I have not seen it for any other area yet.

Ski Reports:
Alpine Meadows(888) 377-6196
Bear Valley(888) 377-6475
Boreal(888) 377-6310
Diamond Peak(888) 377-6279
Heavenly(888) 377-6197
Homewood(888) 377-3932
Kirkwood(888) 377-6198
Mammoth Mountain(888) 377-3925
Mt. Rose(888) 377-6199
Northstar at Tahoe(888) 377-6209
Sierra at Tahoe(888) 377-6476
Squaw Valley(888) 377-6274
Sugar Bowl(888) 377-6325

More numbers are listed at