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ZipFit Rocks

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Cross posting from As the Boot Guys who recommended trying ZipFits as a possible answer to ongoing boot fit problems. I wanted to share it here too to give ZipFit props and to let others know who might benefit from my experience...

As promised, reporting in. mail ordered ZipFit liners direct from ZipFit. Best customer service i have ever encountered anywhere for anything!

They sent me a new model WC volume with cushy fleece toebox. Cool. But one day on them and i knew something was not right. They were too tall for my short self and it felt like I had a huge spoiler throwing me forward like a nordic jumper in mid-air.

After email correspondence including photos, ZipFit said, send them back and they customized the touring model for the volume of my shells. I sent my shells too and they ground them out in the heel area to accommodate the liners. It was amazing.

Then they sent BOTH liners back so i could make sure the new ones worked. They did. They still feel i should try a slightly longer liner after seeing my shells and so are going to let me try that too. Absolutely amazing.

But the best part is they worked! i was able to ski without pain all day. I did have some toe numbness and my boots (dobermanns) leaked, but that was not a ZipFit issue.

Ultimately, the ZipFits took up the necessary volume; stopped heal lift and mushy, sloppiness without a lot of contraptions or glued on stuff or squashing my foot down from the top.

Yeay eveyrone at ZipFit! Cross posting this on the regular gear forum to give them some props.... Hope that's OK.
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How much do these type of liners cost

In general, how much do liners like this cost? General range is a good idea?

Everyone think custom liners are the way to go?
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I paid about $350, this included the evaluation, fitting and after sale service. I've seen 'em on eBay for $175.00 but no service and just a few sizes.

...Almost as much as a new boot. I went with it since my shell had been fitted and aligned to perfection.

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I recently had the rare opportunity of meeting the ZipFit inventor, founder, and boot fit guru Sven Coomer in Aspen last week. I went to his home/workshop to see his latest work and ended up spending the whole morning talking skiing (past & present), playing with prototypes, "frankesteined" shells/liners, and space-aged fit materials. Upon leaving he gave me the newest liner and footbeds for my ski boots and sneakers! What an experience! AND free ZipFits!
They rock BTW. I have tried every other kind of custom liner and ZipFits are the best in my opinion.
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I throw my hat in the ring for Sven and his zipfits!!!
I have the World Cup liner.
Once the liners are bedded into the shell they have to be skied to
be believed. Great comfort, great feel, great heel hold and fit!! I did have a problem with the orthodic window because my foot and instep are so narrow but Sven came to the rescue by supplying me with how-to photos of him modifying his own boots. He removes the orthodic window bar and problem solved.
Sven is very enthusiastic about skiing and his emails are entertaining. Here's a quote from one thats fun:
"Making the dreaded new boot fitting and then many long
and blissfully exciting days skiing is what Zipfit is all about."

Amen Brother


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Mid season and the zipfits just keep getting better and better. The DIY route is a good option because then you can redo it if it's not perfect the first time. Highly recommend the hotgear bag as an accessory!

Sven Commer is brilliant.
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I don't have the hotgear bag but I was in the habit of heating the boots and liners. Then I got to the mountain without heating them and found they did just as good if not better cold. who knew? I still love em even if I did get them from Steve at top price.
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