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New Ski for 6'6" 245lb Level 8

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After I set my wife with a set of new K2 One Luvs (thank you ptex1) it is now my turn.

I am 6’6”, 245lb, 36 years old.
I would say that I am level 8 skier and I ski from when I was 6 or 7. I ski NY, Vermont, Québec and Ontario and usually - ½ day with my wife and son on blue runs and other half on black. I usually ski around 20 days per year. Most of the time I ski on groomed and hardpack runs but I would take every opportunity to ski some fresh un-groomed snow if available ( I only get to ski these conditions about 20% of the time). I ski moderately fast, I like short carving on steep hills and I am not crazy about moguls.

My current ski is red Volkl P40 F1 from 1999 or 2000 in 193cm. I like many thinks about this ski but especially edge hold with my 245lb.

And YES, after I get some suggestions I will try to go out and DEMO.
Unfortunately, I don’t think that local selection is that big, but I will try my best.

Thank you,

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I'm also a bigger skier and I would suggest;

Elan Speedwave 14 in a 176cm
Nordica Mach3 Power in a 178cm
Volkl Tigershark 10 in a 175cm

All of these are great New England skis with plenty of edgeprip for a heavier skier. They don't make them much stiffer than these 3. The newer models will be much more versatile than you 193cm Volkl.

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Second the Speedwave 14

Last winter, after great debate and alot of research on this forum ( with great input from numerous people I bought a pair of Elan Speedwave 14's in the 176 and for hardpack fast east coast skiing they are a blast especially mid to long radius but will cut shorter radius when pushed. I don't know how they will perform in the softer stuff and crud however, hopefully I will know soon. I am 6'3" 235lbs, 37yrs old , skiing 25 yrs or so.

I like a stiff ski and these elans seem reasonably stiff. The waveflex is a little deceiving as it feels a little soft underfoot at first but when you push them on edge they just keep holding a carve a nice arc.

They skis do feel short with the factory fusion binding setup. I checked the BoF location and see that in this ski with a size 29 boot I am 20mm ahead of the center of the ski with boot back as far as the very limited setup permits. I think it will limit performance in the crud for sure unless I rectify.

Others have commented on this as well and some including Dawgcatching have recommended mounting the boot back farther. I am going to move the center bracket back as far as possible by redrilling the two holes and repositioning the center fixture only. This should bring me back 15-20 mm more in line with the BoF position and should make the ski more versatile in crud etc.
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Speedwave 14

I am looking at Elan web site and they say -5 to -15 cm for speedwave 14.
I my case it would be almost -25cm??

What about Magfire 14?
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I've been demoing several days back and forth between the 168 and 176Speedwave 14's while my Rossy 9S's are getting repaired. These skis are thrilling for eastern hardpack carving/cruising. The waveflex design is for real as it does feel light and gentle under foot but on edge holds ice better than any ski I've ever been on, including all manner of stout race stock skis.

I'm 182 lbs and 6' tall, it's close but I think I like the 176's better.. they do feel short as RiverRat suggests. I think it's the compound radius effect of 10M on the tips and 16M on the tails that allows the ski to haul for the groceries w/ wide arcs or slow down and still cut a tight radius - brilliant design. I'll probably buy the demos at the end of the season.
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