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crass advertising copy

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I know that they don't really give a hoot cause the gen-X-ers have some buying clout but, Rossignol just lost my business.

"Your feet will kiss your ass" ..... Rossi soft boot ad. No Rossi... kiss my bucks bye bye.

Ex biker..... ex Navy .... not a prude, I'm just tired of "In Yo face Dude".
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Hey Yuki,

Loosen up. If marketers don't get more people on the hill, we're all going to paying more to ride the white stuff.

The industry needs creativity and color. I'm all for it.
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Hadn't heard from you for awhile. Was getting worried.
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Seems that some here have nothing better to do than complain about me.

Someone adds a little color to this place and they want to cover it up with black and white. It's ka ka. I push the envelope and I'm not going to quit. I'm going to ask questions and I'm going to challenge the status quo (the gang) and whatever else I see that needs an overhaul.

Skiing has been the same for too long. It's too expensive, new blood is needed, and new ideas are needed.
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Okay, I put together an add for Head. What does this add say to you all? What do you think the message is?
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It's hard to see the product name. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place?
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I touched it up a little. Try this one.
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I saw the add creation and one of the questions it definitely asks, "Is skiing really better than sex ?"<FONT size="1">

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Maybe I just don't get it, but I'm not sure I understand what's so offensive about "your feet will kiss your ass"
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I bet the marketing group at Head just love sitting around comming up with great slogans that the public will never see.

Friend of mine is a rep for Head, and she's very attractive, it's funny seeing peoples reaction when she intro's herself and adds "I work for Head"
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Better. Maybe it would say more if the skis were at the opposite angle.
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I was disappointed that they didn't take the opportunity to run a nice shot of the mentioned anatomical feature.
This reminds me of all those idiots eight or ten years ago who got scared of Nordica's naked skier ad.
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Anyone remember that old t-shirt slogan "Give me Rossignal or give me Head?"

Also, I'm glad to see SCSA's opinion of himself hasn't changed. A regular Martin Luther King for the ski slopes.

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What's up with all these books I've never heard of? You either need to get a job or quit reading so much.


MLK? Ahh, that's pretty good. I'd prefer Bill Daniels though. Just trying to change the world...

Now, you've seen my picture, right? And you agree that I'm better looking than 97% of the men out there, right?
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SCSA, You gotta quit listening to those Tony Robbins tapes. You do make me chuckle though.
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I am eagerly anticipating mr strikes response, if he dignifies that anti-intellectual diatribe with one.
I think you could finish the combined works of Tolstoy with as much time as you spend posting here & elsewhere.

adding not editing.

sorry gonz did not even mention a book, just some bad shock art.
and to the head of the post. yuki, you overestimate my generation,s buying power (at least since the dot.com debacle) & underestimate our values. (I know I am painting with a xxx brush here.) I think they are appealing to the youngsters who are weilding there parents buying power at the moment, " but mom those boots will kick ass in the park"

you may think I jest but I heard a highschooler tell his folks that the new line skis "f*&*$n rip" & it is better than he doing drugs last year @ a local ski shop.
<FONT size="1">

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I still cannot find a babbit reference in your response in this thread & the not doing drugs thing to get the skis was the kids logic not mine, should have quoted it I suppose.
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DB, thanks for the site. You have a great sense of humor. I'm taking it to my meeting tomorrow.
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I have to go with SCSA on this one.. the sport needs the new blood and if these ads appeal to younger generations than good for Rossi. It's certainly not even close to being really offensive. Crass and unintellectual yes, but so are most ads we see. People who can't see the humor need to get the broomstick out of their ass.

Gonzo, were you ever young? EVERY generation thinks the ones below them can't speak intelligently. This is part of being a teenager. If skiing actually keeps some kid from sitting around in his basement smoking pot with his friends all day then good! Sure it's not is only option, but it's a good trade.

Playing the holier than thou card and spouting literary or artistic references doesn't prove a point.

Edit: Spelling<FONT size="1">

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wow T,
I am gonna tell sandy how little selling you must have done today. you responded to every topic & even got touchy, ohh.

Rossi like all companies weighs the price of offending some & luring others. yuki I hope you do not buy rossi ever if you really were offended. I dont so it does not matter to me. seems like fairly innocuous copy to me considering the new standards in the media.
stupid head ad. I like breasts as much as the next single hetero single male but does not make me want to buy skis.
t, you did paint with a huge brush. we both know folks our age who full on respond to that type of advertising.
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Yeah Yuki, go with your conscience.

SCSA - If you think you are good looking I hope you give credit where credit is due and thank your parents. Of course if they are humble, they will tell you to thank your grandparents......
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>>As to SCSA's comment to me, well, let's just say that it's clear what he reads, watches and/or listens to, and what he doesn't. A narrow world is a safe world, an easily defined world, an easily understood world... yet also is NOT the real world. <<

Yet skiing should be a homogenous society deviod of anyone who doesn't fit you ideal mold of what a skier should be? Skiing needs new blood to keep it fresh. Do you not agree the new schoolers have breathed new life into the sport?

You want fewer skiers but cheaper lift tickets? That's not quite how it works - if less skiers come the ability of resorts to cover operating costs will decrease, leading to an increase in lift ticket costs.

The youth comment was in reference to their use of language.
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SCSA said - "Okay, I put together an add for Head. What does this add say to you all? What do you think the message is?"

hmmmm I see 2 women laughing all the way to the bank. And some forelorn and lonely skis, propped in the corner. I bet they need a tune up, and some wax. Johnsons and Johnsons. Or maybe that lemony Pledge stuff if you are in a hurry. Oh and while you are at it can ya vacuum the rug and wash the dishes? Fix the steps and take care of the roof?

Anyway, my take on this is that it is a subliminal ad for Home Depot. Clever, but ya didn't fool me. A man's place is in the Home Depot.
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>>- if less skiers come the ability of resorts to cover operating costs will decrease, leading to an increase in lift ticket costs.<<

Kinda says it all don't it?

When more skiers come, resorts expand and operating costs increase leading to an increase in ticket costs.

Take your pick...

How long will it be until a gallon of milk costs a million bucks?

They can all kiss my ass.

"There is nothing so helpless and irresponsible as a man in the depths of an ether binge."<FONT size="1">

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You frequently insist pomposity and pretentiousness are not significant parts of your character. What is it that causes you to read those accusations into people's posts?

"To defend oneself vehemently is to make oneself look that much more guilty."
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Looks like a scene from fight club.
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By DangerPom:
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>I would just like to say that I am not drop dead gorgeous, rich or even a good skier. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Wow...I would have never guessed. I am so disillusioned.#####

"Just when you thought it was safe to go back into cyberspace, here I am, pissing off the planet, one person at a time..."
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>>I will assume you have trumped up something merely because you don't like my posts<<

Leave the accusations to others?

>>Come to Fernie in February and meet me, then decide for yourself if I'm pompous or pretentious. Don't do it based on posts that do not reveal my entire character.<<

See, I never said you were either or both of the 2 Ps. I have just seen you defend yourself on that count before when someone else didn't say it either. ??! I wasn't really going anywhere with it to tell you the truth. I figured that to be your choice.
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Gonzo...apparently you have a pretty high self image to think of 'yourself' and 'the entire sport of skiing' as one in the same.

Just because 'new school' doesn't change your specific experience while skiing doesn't mean it isn't changing the face of skiing. Your blind if you can't see the influence on the sport as a whole. Aren't skiers like McKonckey, Morrison, et al doing exactly what you say would breath new life into your own skiing, that is generating a new way to ski?

If my opinion falls in line with that of mainstream media once in awhile I'm ok with that. The Man isn't wrong all the time. I'm certainly comfortable enough with my own opinions that I don't see a need to be an iconoclast just to be different.
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