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Liberty Hazmats?

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Anybody own/ski them? I've been thinking about getting a pair, but I'd like to talk with someone thats been on a pair.
I usually ski around a 177 or 178 and am thinking I'd get the Hazmat in a 181. It would be used as an all mountain east coast ski (trees, groomers, lots of crud, some park, powder performance is very important because when we do get that i want it to be the best day possible). I'm 5'10" 170 or so.

Any thoughts? (besides prophet 90/100s and Mantras, I'm not in the mood for a K2 product at the moment)
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any one skied liberty at all??

so the lack of any response makes me a tad bit apprehensive....
Has anyone owned any Liberty skis?
Powder and Freeskier gave the ski a great review, but they only skied it, not owned it. Does anyone have any input on Liberty's quality/customer service?
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Customer service is excellent, they have a 3 year warranty that they are pretty darn liberal with. The hazmat is a really nice ski, I haven't personally skied it yet but I do have a demo pair to try. The Helix has been EXTREMELY well liked by everyone, the Hazmat is the same construction just a tad narrower. I would say go for it if you want a light weight, somewhat damp yet very quick and playful ski with a mid-90mm waist.
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Whiteroom, do you work at Skiershop by any chance?

Because if you did, your recommendation of the Hazmat may have just drummed up some business (or at least closed the deal). Only one of my local shops carries Liberty and besides the fact that I think they are a tad shady at times, they only carry the pro model park skis.

I've always been a little sketched about getting skis online, but back in October I was in Stowe and happened to check out Skiershop in person (I had bought small items from them online before, movies and helmet parts). I usually have a good nose for shops and am relatively picky about where I get my gear and got a good vibe from skiershop, good selection and great sales people (nice dog too). When I realized I was going to need to buy these online, I was really happy to see that they had them.
So yeah I had already been planning on buying them from there if I do.

(No I do not work there and I am not looking for a discount, although I'll never turn one down
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Can anyone update this thread. I have a nice deal offer on a pair of hazmats

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