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MCL Grade 2 sprain 8 Months Later...

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I had a grade 2 MCL tear last April and thought I was 100% healed by the fall since I was able to run, cycle, hike, workout in the gym but after this weekend, I'm not so sure. I did 4 days of snowboarding and it suddenly feels like I'm back down to 70% or so.

I had planned to continue riding every weekend until my trip to JH in first week of Feb but now I'm wondering if snowboarding helps or hurts recovery. I can't seem to simulate a proper exercise in the gym to work it either so snowboarding comes closest, I think partially because of my duck stance (-12 in back where the tear was, + 15 in front)

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Any ligament tear is never 100%. With the duck stance your hip is externally rotated. Torgueing a snowboard turn you create a gap on the medial (inside) aspect of your knee. This stresses/stretches your MCL.
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So if duck stance can aggravate te MCL what about a forward stance?
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I see this is an old thread, but riding duck doesn't have to be hard on knees.  Given the time the o.p. had between injury and the riding in question the MCL should also, on average, have fully healed well before. 

Duck, or forward, stance and the specific angles used relative to anatomy and riding style are discussed in the snowboard forum here and several other good snowboarding sites. 
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