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Should I heat mold? What should cost be?

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After years of skiing on my very old Raichle Flexon Comps I purchased a pair of Dalbello Krypton Pro's. As I didn't have money to pay full retail I got the brand new pair off the internet late last season. Now it is time to go skiing and I know that these boots are designed to be heat moulded so I went to my local ski shop and they told me that since I purchased elsewhere they would charge me $100, but then the guy suggests that heat moulding is really not necessary, that I will get the same result without heat moulding by simply skiing for 4-5 days.

So is this true? No real benefit of heat moulding. I can skip the heat moulding and within 4-5 days the boots will be just as well countoured to my feet as if I had done the heat moulding??

And what should heat moulding cost? I am willing to pay a reasonable fee but isn't $100 a bit excessive? Was kind of hoping that if I paid to have the bindings checked for the new boots and the skis tuned that they would do such for free or atleast a reasonable charge -- but not such at this ski shop.

Heading to breckenridge/keystone/dillon/silverthorn area on Friday, assuming that the consensus is that I should do the heat moulding, any suggestions as to a good shop that will not rip me off?

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You are paying $100.00 not only for their time, but expertise in doing the job right. Sometimes the lowest price is not always the least expensive way to go. The ID Gold liner is pretty rigid and I have not run across anyone who was lucky enough for this liner to fit "out of the box". Since the boot is as important is it is in the transition of energy, I really think you are tripping over dollars to save quarters.

Here is a video on how do to a molding...

. IMHO, if you are "creative", you can use a heatgun, but you are taking a risk.
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Sounds like you are indicating that heat molding is critical then??

If that is the case not sure what expertise I am paying my local shop for (given that they said it was not necessary).

So I take it that I should get heat molding, should fork over $100, but I am thinking that I need to find another ski shop.
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What does their "molding" include? If it is just a simple "put the boot/liner on the heat machine for 15 minutes and the buckle the boots and stand around for another 10 minutes" then the process should not take any more than 30 minutes. I think that a fair charge would be around $50 - $75 range. If the molding includes a cuff alignment and other labor intensive practices, then obviously the price will be more.
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why not try skiing it first unmolded and see how it is?

you can heat it later if needed, you won't brake the liner by not heating it and just skiing it
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I charge $90 to mold liners in my shop, but first question is which liner do you have? Kryptons can be purchased with two different liners. One of which should be molded and the other doesn't really matter.

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