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Where should I ski this weekend (Within a few hours of Boston, MA)

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OK, so I'm visiting someone in Boston and the snow in NH this past month is supposed to be : I have never skied in this area and have no idea what's good.

I'd like something under 150 minutes away from Boston. (I am staying just off 93 in the area of Chelsea.) Bonus for something with a ski and stay package available this weekend but I don't need anything special. I'm an advanced skiier, but my ski buddy this time is a bit more on the timid side even though she's a very good skier when I can get her going.

Please help me find a place worth visiting.
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Cannon Mt., NH. Get on I-93, go north, and stop when you see it on your left. Exit 34-B / C in New Hampshire.
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Cannon Mt., Loon Mt., Waterville Valley are all on or just off I-93. Cannon is state owned, has a great view, tramway etc., challenging skiing, usually a bit light on the snowmalking, grooming etc., which may or may not be plusses for you. Both Loon and Waterville usually have decent grooming, snowmaking coverage, decent amenities. We've had quite a lot of snow this year. Even so, Cannon, which is my favorite, may surprise you with thin basecover, icespots etc in places. All three are within your radius and have 2000 ft. or so vertical.
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bear in mind that weekend skiing is very busy. If you want to avoid the crowds you might want to consider my home mountain, Berkshire East. It's not as much vertical drop (just over 1,000) but has a lot of terrain and a lot of variety and is never crowded. There are steeps, bumps as well as groomers.

As to ski and stay, it's very mom and pop, there are places to stay, but I don't know about deals Lift tix are $50 on the weekends.
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There's lots of good skiing in the NH White mountains as mentioned above. I like Wildcat http://www.skiwildcat.com

Magic Mountain in VT gets good reviews on this site though I've never been. It's on my todo list for later this season.


If you have a free evening and like night skiing you might try my home mountain http://www.crotchedmountain.com/ . They're open until 3am on Friday and Saturday nights. I wouldn't make it my only ski destination as it's small, but it is well maintained and far from crowded.

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I was gonna say Cannon, but it does seem to be a bit more onf an "experts" mountain. I'd do Waterville if I were you.

edit: Maybe Sunapee as well.
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Sunapee is close, has amazing snow quality and has nice views. there are a few hotels around that I assume would be reasonably priced.
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Another vote for Cannon. If you are staying overnight, choose any motel in the area so you can get to the different mountain within 10-15 minutes if you want to.
Loon and Waterville Valley tend to get crowded on weekends.
Another good option is North Conway area, Attitash/Bear Peak and Wildcat. All the mountains have good conditions right now and they will have them throughout weekend.
Keep in mind that you need 2.5 hours (150 min!) to get to Killington from Boston area. Might as well...
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I work probably 5 min from where you will be leavign from. easiest will be sunapee, Wateveille, Cannon or Loon. Loon and Wateville will have the easiest combo lodging and lift ticket deals. Lots of choices right at the base of the mountains.

Loon probably wil have the most crowds and the most apres ski stuff. I still own a place in the area. Parkers motel just north or Lincoln may be a good choice and do Cannon one day Loon the other.

around a 2 hour ride off hours about 3 if your leaving Friday night. door to door.
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