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Aspen in early April

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Hi all,

I have a chance to use some FF miles for a trip to Aspen from April 5-9. How do conditions typically stack-up that late in the year?

The April skiing threads offer some mixed advice; and I know there are good/safe alternatives, but I'm mainly interested in learning abput Aspen, since I've never skied there.

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It's usually pretty good. Aspen has a lot of different exposures so that you can time the softening. I ski the last week in March every year and only one year out of the last thirty would I say that the skiing sucked. Every thing had gotten baked and then a dry cold front came in and froze it solid for a week.
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Aspen is at a low elevation, so it really depends on 1) how much base they have left at that time and 2) how warm it is. There is great spring skiing in Aspen. It can also be a coral reef and not much fun. It is a bit of a crap shoot, and a bit more of one than at higher resorts in CO.

It can also be incredible. The season before last, I skied Highlands closing day at ... Aspen Mountain. 12" of fresh, and everyone was at the Bowl. I had freshies until I quit at 2 PM.

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I wouldn't exactly call an 8,000ft. base, low. Snowmass will have terrain over 12,000 ft. open. Unfortunetly Highlands will be closed then.
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8000 feet is low for Colorado. The Summit County resorts all have base elevations over 9500 ft. If we don't get much snow in March, melting can wreck havoc on the lower resorts (Aspen, Steamboat) because, in part, the ambient temperature is higher at the lower elevation.

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I've never seen it were you couldn't ski to the bottom. Plus, I don't think it will be a problem this year since it's shaping up to be a record year. When it gets really warm, some of the steeper runs at the bottom will close due to point slides.

If the Dr. doesn't like slush, he can always ride the gondi down.
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