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Jiminy Peak

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Jiminy was late opening on new years day by close to 4 hours.

Reason---power off on the grid due to snow and wind.

Seems that their new 'green' energy option---a 3.something million dollar wind turbine that will lower their dependence on fossil fuel electricity by an estimated 40%, needed National Grid power (fossil fuel electricity) to operate!

The good news is that lift tickets for the day were essentially free (by comparison that is).

I realize that the turbine was probably never intended to be a 'backup' power supply, I just thought it odd to hear the 'green energy' message in all the radio spots and have the place out of operation due to lack of electricity, thats all.
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Not odd, actually.

Typically, the alternative power sources (like wind and solar) put electricity back into the grid for a credit. The electricity they use is taken from the grid. Dealing with the power this way avoids needing expensive storage for when power is being generated but not being used.

It's likely that the rate of power production is much lower than is needed to run the operation when it is running.

Another way of looking at it is that the alternative power source is charging a virtual battery (which typically takes longer than it takes to drain the battery).
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Yeah, being 'green' is a good thing, but a back up diesel would be nice, too.
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