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Just a reminder to all of how great this ski is. Since it's just the C-11 with new paint (looks like a 69 Camaro with Cherry red paint) the ski hasn't recieved any real press but its the same ski: fun, stable at speed (enough), lively, engergetic, quick edge-2-edge. It has a great underfoot feel and is just plain fun to ski. Excellent in bumps and loose snow, skied it 6" of untracked and pushed snow and was really impressed with how it handled the conditions. This is my "no fresh snow" ski for sure but it can handle a wide variety of conditions. Not crazy about it's ice or boiler plate performance, but it did OK. If you are looking for a ski to have fun on: bumps, carving, go fast and some pow, take a serious look; again. PS- Dawg has a killer deal on these right now!!!