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NZ fields....

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Have recently got back from pulling down the double chair at rainbow valley, this will go into Ohau next summer & the T bar from there will go back to rainbow (maybe).

The remarks have upgraded a double chair to a quad & moved the drive terminal down the hill further.

The bigger project on the horizon is that TC's planned chair has been surveyed up & will be one of my main projects for next summer.
Island there are talks of a gondola onto Mt Taranaki for the field there.

I see that to get a TC pass is $799 or so, if it was me I'd splash the extra bucks & get one of those all comercial mountain passes.
But I don't pay so I'm not.

At the moment I'm sitting on a large dozer at porters & having fun to the tune of $80 per hour. THis thing nearly burns more money than the best women shoppers.

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The $799 pass for TC made me decide to get a National Pass again for $899. TC's management view was that they attract a different type of seasons pass holder than the other fields, the average number of days skied by seasons pass holder last year was much higher than anyone else, espeically They figured Coneheads would not get put off with the price. I remember buying seasons passes early 5 or so years ago just so we could get them at $699.

I am looking forward to next season at TC with the new chairlift. Currently it takes so long to get from bottom to top riding the slow double and the Tbar.

Is Rainbow closing? It have seen it advertised for sale in the paper as a going concern.
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Why pay so much when you can get a season pass at Whakapapa and Turoa for $399?
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Julie, I wasn't aware of any other option than to buy a pass at each of the fields, can you PM me with more details of a National Pass?

I was going to ski TC this year but the price put me off and I told them so. I had previously emailed prior to the pass being released asking to advise when they released the passes but when I learnt the cost it was waaaay too high. Unfortunately looks like Mt Shutt again this year ... groan
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There's all sorts of stuff going on behind the scenes over Rainbow, but as far as I know the likely outcome is that Mt Robert will move their operation over to Rainbow. They built a lodge there before last winter.

It sounds like there will be some other outside investor putting money in also though. 4 of the snow guns are going back up the hill as they are at Doppelmya's yard in Coalgate.

I know that there was some sort of thing in the news before I went to Japan about the Directors looking for other investors but nothing came of that. Grant just wants to get back to selling lifts etc I think.
He's got the contract for the TC chair.

I guess the season ticket price is to help pay for the chair & if people are prepared to pay that much money, then there's no point selling yourself short.

The all field pass excludes club fields. Last I heard there were only 1000 on the market with the funds going to marketing skiing within NZ
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Tha national ski pass have sold out, check out

There were only 560 of them available, I think they sold out very quick, I bought as soon as I saw them advertised and my ticket number was in the 300's.

Pete - you might want to consider the 10 day pass at TC for $399. Once you use up your ten days, it is $30 per day. This price was only available until March 14th, and is now $499 (until 18 April). So that is $49 NZ per day, and $30 after that.
You get so much more skiing for your dollar at TC, weather is more reliable, and don't have to change lifts to get to the top of the mountain. But its probably a bit late now if you have bought your pass.
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That sounds like the Utah gold pass. Holders got first dibs on renewing each year, then unsold ones are balloted. Gives the holder one free day skiing every day at any Utah resort all season, and it's transferable!

I reckon it'd be fun to do the club fields at NZ...scrounge a car and move around for optimal commuting (since you have to commute to NZ fields).
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Thanks Julie, yeah I looked at that pass carefully and decided it was still (relatively) expensive skiing. TC is a great field however compared to the fields around Christchurch it's also difficult for me to get to.

As mentioned, prior to the tickets going on sale I contacted TC and mentioned I was a "convert" from a well known consortium of exceptionally poorly managed fields who shall remain nameless. Despite their enthusiastic reply, after the price was released I had to say “no thanks”. It’s good to see a field spending money and managing its operations well, however the price differential was extremely significant, and I hope they will re-think the price next year. Maybe if enough people comment and refuse to buy the pass they will, who knows. Until then it’s the old pass, although I expect to be using the nutcrackers a lot more this year … as good or better than TC, and a fraction of the price.

Wish everyone a primo season.


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TC Pass? why bother unless you livr in Wanaka, if you can handle a nutcracker then there is much better skiing at Craigieburn..if not then learn

Ant go give it a try, here is what I did last year
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For any of you in the area, I'm going to be instructing at Porter heights, for the first time this season (just waiting for my letter of support to arrive, and then I'll be able to get my visa!).. Actually, it'll also be my first NZ skiing experience. I'm pretty excited. Anyone want to give me the low down on what I should expect as far as skiing NZ and Porter Heights??

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Originally posted by Powderhoundin:
Anyone want to give me the low down on what I should expect as far as skiing NZ and Porter Heights??
Hmmm Porter Heights - wind, busloads of screaming school kids, 30cm base, and just enough crisp clear mornings standing alone at the top of a 1500' vert face of untracked to make you think about coming back next year
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Originally posted by Powderhoundin:
Anyone want to give me the low down on what I should expect as far as skiing NZ and Porter Heights??

Here is what my first impression was

go have a look at they have quite a lot of stuff on NZ, here is the kiwi section

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