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Whats a good boot!! As far as All Mt Types.. And yes i no i should be trying everything on lol I just wanted to know where to start>.
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SEARCH functions are wonderful tools:


But more importantly you didn't provide 1 lick of information about you as a skier (height, weight, shoe size, what you ski currently, where you ski, how many days a season you ski, what boots you've had in the past, etc...all of which is ESSENTIAL INFORMATION for anybody to even begin to posit a halfway decent answer to your rather broad question).

My 2 cents is that you should read up on the Boot bits that I've linked above. Then also check out Realskiers.com and read their boot fitting section thoroughly.

After you've done your reading homework then find a boot fitter near you (or if need be, wait until you take a trip to Utah, Tahoe, Colo, Sun Valley, Whistler or some other ski town/area) and start trying on boots. Try to find a shop that carries several (I would say at least 4 or 5) different brands.

You really won't get much from reading about different boots other than to narrow down models and brands based on whether or not your foot is wide, narrow, etc. Every boot fits differently. Technica fit different than Nordica which fit different than Lange (notorious for the "Bang"), etc.

So, to recap, read the info on bootfitting here on Epic. Then scuttle over to Realskiers.com and read their section on bootfitting. Then find a shop/bootfitter and prepare to set aside a day to try on several different boots.

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I just got some solomon x wave 9 boots I like. But I realy wanted the Atomic m110.s!! unavailable were I live! I have a narrow heal and a wider forfoot and these boots work for that. The X10 or impact 10 also good choises. Theres some bargins right now unless you have a size 13 like me!! Google the boot you whant to see and check out the prices WOW!!
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5'11", 215, 27.5, Mostly ski the in the east. killington weekends and Mt Creek weekday. 2-3 days a year out west.. ski about 20-30 days a year. expert skier, use to race GS and S Now just free ski all Mt, Bumps pref..

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They are all good boots. The question is..which one fits your foot best.
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Yeah this a figure but i was just look for some info on what models to look at since i dont think a pair of $150 boots from sports authority will perform all that well!!
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sal, you need to get to a bootfitter, let them measure up your feet, and then they will suggest which boots will fit the best.
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sweet thanks

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