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Front backpack

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I usually carry a backpack while riding lift for snack and water to kill the time and a DSLR to capture some good moment at the top. The problem of the backpack is it's not naturally comfortable on the lift because the chair is only made to carry your arse.

I have to take it off just to grab something and put it back in when jumping off the lift, so I have an envision that the perfect bag for skiing should be carried in the front, like the infant carrier, but is made for skier.

I tried "front backpack", "front bag", etc., didn't get many relevant results from google. Have you seen something like this ?
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Originally Posted by romerun View Post
Ia DSLR to capture some good moment at the top. The problem of the backpack is it's not naturally comfortable on the lift because the chair is only made to carry your arse.

Lowepro makes a DSLR bag with a separately purchased strap that goes over your back and straps the case to your front.
It can be removed and replaced with a regular shoulder strap.
It is quite good and great for quick deployment.

Got tired of "Honey can you grab the camera" "Honey can you put the camera back in the pack" or taking off the pack to shoot all the time.

I was looking for a bag and Lowepro's website had a pic of a skier with one but the pics kept rotating.

I eventually emailed them to ask what the setu[p was.

I'll see if I can find it again.
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Look at a Lowepro or Kata brand sling or torso pack for something photo-dedicated. These have 1 strap & can be swung around to get on the lift. See, also case/pack listings for a bunch of synonyms and like terms at photo shops like or
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Found it in the usual stupid place....."accessories" instead of "belts and harnesses"

Made for the Topload Zooms series
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I have a sling pack ... I ski with it on my back, but the one diagonal strap makes it easy to slide around to my front when I need access. It doesn't hold a lot, though. But it's good for water, a vest, hat, etc. Small camera. Quiver

REI has one that's similar, but larger. It doesn't look like it has a hip belt of any kind, though. REI sling

I don't think I'd like to ski with something on my front.
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I bought the smallest backpack I could find (that still has ski carrying straps), so the comfort/fitting on the chair is not an issue (though my camera is a lot smaller than a DSLR).

But I do have the same issue with getting stuff out being annoying. It is frustrating to know you have what you need in your pack but it will just take too long / be too much of a pain to get it out.

Some mitigation: my pack has a small pouch on the waist strap that will hold a few small, frequently accessed items. My (small) camera goes in a separate case with a belt-loop that I thread onto the chest strap of my pack. Prolly not workable for a larger camera.

I can think of three real fixes.
1) loose jacket with lots of pockets. But I hate chipmunk pockets...
2) fanny pack:
3) a vest, like the ones made for fishermen, bought huge and worn over your jacket - would look pretty funny, tho... Actually, I think they make such things for patrolers, though I'm not sure.
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Wow, four responses while I was writing. I must be slow.
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Originally Posted by romerun View Post
Have you seen something like this ?

I imagine one of those assault rifle mag pockets will be just about the right size for a telephoto lens.
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1. as somebody who wears a pack 75% of the time that I ride, i just automatically slide if off one shoulder and whip it around to the front when getting on the lift. When I get off the lift I whip it around and put it back on my back

2. there's an excellent thread over at TGR about packs that fit on the lift and won't get hung up.

I just got a Life-Link Granite, which is incredibly low-profile (very thin). Even putting a pair of goggles in a case in the pack, it's still very low-pro.

In that thread there's also the Wookey, which looks like it would be great for hauling a camera (it's a small rotund style pack that ride really high on your shoulders so it won't get caught on the chair.
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What about a plain old fanny pack? I have a ancient North Face that has seen many years of service as a ski, hiking, hunting and fishing pack. When riding the lift, just loosen belt a bit and slide around to the front.

Slide back when sking. Also, loosen belt strap all the way AND may be draped over the shouder.
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I ski without the waist belt and catch the pack on the back of the chair so it rides up and I can slide back. Works well on the chairs at JH, not so well at other resorts with higher chair backs.
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The only time I've been stuck on a chair was with a fanny pack. It slid into the gap between the bottom slat on the back and the seat, and wedged there. At the top, I tried to stand up and nothing happened.
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I have been using a padded pack for a long time for my camera and vid cam when we are out to take shots and vid.

Originally I think it was a walkman bag, I since sewed on my own bungie chest strap (lets you have it tight and snug but not prevent easy breathing) and used a neck strap from my vid cam to go around my neck.

It has velcro closure only so no buckles to fumble with and makes it quick and easy to get in.

Works great, keep the cams warm with a handwarmer in side it and to date even on a pow day I don't get snow inside.

because it is on my chest it is protected in most falls and tumbles. I have had some big doosies while wearing this and never impacted the bag at all.

Where you could find one I have no idea but the idea of wearing a pack on your front to access the camera is 100% the best way to go. it's always right there when you want it and it's nice and safe there. If it's easier to get to you will use it more and isn't that the point. How many times do people bring their camera and come home with a picture of the parking lot at the end of the day because they forgot to use it on the hill.

seen here on my chest

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^I've seen Ski Patrol wearing packs like that.

I think they make a First Aid pack that goes on the front that could easily be modified as a camera carrier.

As for fanny packs. I have an old Cannondale one that was for biking. I started using it on the slopes but 1. it always caught on the chair and 2. It screwed up my center of gravity since it was riding below my hips and dragging my a$$ down. I solved the problem by wearing it as a sling over one shoulder.

Since then, however, I've found a small day pack to be much better and it certainly feels more evenly distributed.
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Of course, now they call them Hip or Waist Packs so as not to insult anyones manhood.

Not a perfect solution, but for carrying a few basics and a camera I have been happy with this waterproof bag. I use it on my motorcycle, for hiking with the kids and skiing. Can spin it around quickly to access items and to sit on lift. I'm sure someone must make one with a cleaner design (fewer straps).
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Here is a link to some radio harnesses like I have seen ski patrol wear
Thinking about it for myself, I was considering getting a hydration pack with molle webbing on it and using it for my radio, MP3 player, etc
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Found this at Mountain Equipment Co-op seems like a great unit with a nice strap system 1199471365132
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