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Gore Mtn.-no pics- 12/31

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Drove from Rochester, NY to Gore starting at 11pm on Sun 12/30. Went Route 8 and what a nightmare. Heavy, Heavy snow all the way from Rochester, front wheel drive 4 door sedan, woo hoo, almost got stuck. Stopped in the little village of Speculator and took a nap in the car, not much though, plows woke me up. My buddy was in his car sleeping like a baby. Woke at 7am (slept only 20min) and got on the road to Gore. We were on the gondola at eight-thirty. First run down Pine Knot Glade, buddy broke a pole, nice 5-8 inch fresh in the trees. He had to go get another pair while I took a run down a few other blues from the gondola. We met up at the base and went to the peak, skied chatiemac a few times, nice coverage. Started to get crowded around ten am, lots of peeps taking lessons, kids, etc... Ducked into the trees, killkare glades, etc... My budddy Tim is still a beginner/intermediate so we decided to cut out at 1:30 pm since trails were well skied out, got alot of runs in, it was my first time out this year and with no sleep, I was beat.
All in all it was nice, Gore has some nice steep runs with little cliffs to huck but most were closed at the peak, hopefully my next time there they will all be open. Loved Twister once they yanked the ropes, the racers were there till 10pm so fresh was limited. Most all the groomers were getting a little sketchy by 11am. Gore is a nice mountain, can't wait to be there midweek after a dump!
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I like Gore and have skiied there since the mid 70's. I will be there the 24th 25th & 26th this month. That translates to a Thurs fri & Sat. It is a different mountain mid week.

The woods are only open and decent after new snow but there is enough to keep me occupied

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I am not a fan of Gore as a whole, but any mountain in these conditions..I like. Well maybe not Blue, you get the idea.
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