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Hi. I am a beginner skier and I would like to get skis/boots. I went skiing a handful of times when I was younger and just went last weekend and I loved it. I'm 5'4" 155lbs, 22yrs, female and athletic. Skiing seemed to come back naturally when I went last weekend. I was just wondering what size ski I should be getting. I went to a few stores today and they thought around the 154cm range..but I'm almost thinking that's too short. Also, what are some good skis. I saw some Rossignol Passion 1's, would those suffice? I plan to go at least once a week, I would like to get more into it. I plan on staying on groomed trails as well. Thanks for the help!
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Boots first. The boots are more important than skis. Get fitted properly with some good boos that you can grow with, then you can either demo or try some different skis. for your size, depending on the ski, you will probably be happiest, on a mid 150's to low 160's length ski, again depending on the ski. This is one of the reason demoing is important, you can try different lengths.

You might also take a look over at our sister site, www.theskidiva.com a ski site specifically for women.
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Welcome to Epic. Good advice from phil. Go to the ski shop nearest to where you ski (or at the mountain where you ski). Boots being the most improtant part need to fit your foot and lower leg correctly. You know if you have a narrow or wide foot, high or low arch, narrow or wide achilies/heel and long or short calf muscle. You need a boot that fits each of these areas properly. Also get one that is about your street shoe size, no bigger. They feel tighter when they are new and take a few days of skiing to pack the liner to where they don't feel too tight. The shop should also check your stance, so any adjustments can be made to allow for the inward curvature of your tibia/fibulia as you stand (known as the Q angle).

A modern ski should come about to your nose when standing on end (a general rule of thumb).
some skis are very heavy and can be skied a little shorter, while some skis are very light and can be skied a little longer.

The advantage of going to the shop either at or very near the resort where you ski most is that any additional fitting of the boots can be done while you are at the resort and many resorts have a demo center where you can try different skis and at some , boots as phil advised. There are women specific boots and skis, that is the best place to start.

If all else fails, go the the best graphics and colors that match your outfit.
Once you find what you want and the size that fits, remenber that the shops have sales up to 50% off by the second week in march (not a big help to you now).

Good luck, and have fun in your search.

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