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Gloves for kids---Great.

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Wife just purchased a new pr of finger gloves for my 2.5 yo son.

"Bear Claws" They are basically mittens with tiny stubs at the end of each finger tip----about 1/2 inch each. The fingers find their own home and he can use them to manipulate things like gloves, but I am guessing he will get the warth and functionality of mittens.

Leather on the palms and fingers make them look cool too.
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I could use a pair of those too. I hate gloves because my fingers get cold. I use mittens all the time. Having the finger tips usable might be just the trick. Maybe a manufacturer will see this and get the hint.
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They do take special orders for adult sizes! Here's the link:

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I really like the L-Bow mittens/gloves like --

One of the mitten models has a symmetric thumb so there's no right or left to deal with. The nylon gaiter goes way up the forearm to there snow/wind leaks and the don't fall off easily. For bigger kids, you can get them as gloves also.
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There are/were gloves made for adults that were known as lobster claw, basically mittens with just the index fingers and thumbs separated. Reusch used to make them.
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I've been looking for something like that for my sons for a while! I've been truly frustrated trying to put the mittens back on their wet hands. Thanks!!!
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THis is what I love about this site.....I really like the Gater factor, will get a pr for the boy and my daughter.....

For a close up of what they look like----see this video

My son Lange is 30 mos old..... Close up of the gloves at 1:30 and 2:36...

Note how he can pick up and eat dirty snow at will. As stated earlier, he can put these gloves on himself and they fit both ways...pinky is the thumb.
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