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Whistler Questions - Buses and Best Dining

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I have searched and reviewed Whistler posts on Epic Ski from over the last year. I have not been to Whistler in five years but will be there in a few weeks. We will be staying at Stony Creek near the Marketplace. I have a few questions that my research did not answer.
  • Is there still the free bus shuttle service that runs around the village and surrounding area? I saw schedules and fare rates for the WAVE system. Is that different?
  • I would like to treat the wife to a really nice dining event and I would welcome suggestions. I remember we had a fine meal at Quatro. Is that still good? What other places do you suggest? I also remember a recommendation from a ski instructor for the Rim Rock in Creekside. How does this compare as an option? Is that on the free or WAVE bus system?
  • Is the wireless internet system functioning and would I have access to it?
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Shuttles: I presume WAVE's something different; I was hopping on and off buses for nothing a few weeks ago.

Food: I haven't been, but have also heard lots of good stuff about the Rim Rock. I think you pay for the bus to Creekside (but I haven't done it, so I'm not 100% sure on that).
*Just to add, a great place for breakfast is elements along the Summit Lodge frontage (just next to the Market Place), I had a Dungeness Crab Eggs Benedict, and it was possibly the best food ever to have passed my lips before 6pm (and right up there with some pretty good dinners too).

WiFi: I was picking up (seemingly resort) WiFi a few weeks ago, but I was in the Upper Village, not sure about the quality of coverage throughout the rest of the resort though.
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The free village shuttle was still operating last season, and I imagine it's running this winter as well. Surf to www.busonline.ca for information on the Whistler transit system. Hint: You can catch the free village shuttle right across the street from Stoney Creek; it will take you to the base of either mountain.

Although I have never eaten at Rim Rock, everything I have read says it is one of the top restaurants in Whistler. Rim Rock, being in Creekside, is not on the free village shuttle route -- you will have to pay a fare ($1.50) to ride the bus from the main village to Creekside.
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WAVE is an acronym for Whistler And Valley Express, which is the transit system in and around Whistler. The village shuttle is route number 5 on the WAVE system. You have to pay a fare on all the other routes, but route number 5 is free.
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Oooops, correction, it looks like route 6 is also in the fare free zone.
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Thanks datadad. I was on the WAVE site but must have missed the "free fare". The buses are handy to reduce the walking in ski boots -even though I use Cat Tracks and my wife uses the Walk-eze.

Anybody have other dining suggestions?
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About 3 years ago I stayed with a friend who owns a place at Stony Creek. We went to dinner at the tennis club which was within easy walking distance. It was a fabulous dinner. I don't remember the name of the place. It was recommended by another friend who kind of stumbled into it. Great atmosphere and food.

Go out of Stony Creek, turn left, and walk about two blocks is what I remember.
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Araxi is the super uber upscale restaurant according to east coast press. We couldn't even get a reservation except at 9:45 for the ten days we were there, so we demurred; book ahead for that special meal. We did get into an Italian restaurant called Umberto's. It was superb food with a price to match. or so we thought until we discovered that the brewpub prices were very close.

We could not pick up wifi, but was told there is an internet cafe in the village with many terminals.
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I've been to both the Rim Rock and Araxi. Coming from the village, the Rim Rock requires a cab ride or a bus if you don't have car and can get fairly noisy but the food is excellent. Araxi is superb. Great food and service (with prices to match). It's worth the money though. One of the best meals out I've ever had. The Edgewater is also supposed to be good but the closest I got there was a reservation that got canceled after I got into a tiff with my wife (something about me ditching her and my sister and her boyfriend on an epic powder day because they were slowing me down [their story]. It really WAS an accident that I lost them. Oh, and it was our anniversary). But the Edgewater is on Green Lake and a cab ride away. A couple of other high end options I've heard good things about but haven't tried are the Bearfoot Bistro in the village and Wildflower on Blackcomb. More moderate options are Milestones - food is pretty good but the last time I went there the service was really bad (and I'm not that hard to please). However, it's convenient to Stoney Creek where I've stayed a few times. I used to like the Crab Shack but they've gone all upscale and up-priced and it's is no longer a good value, IMHO. Finally, if you like Indian food, which I love, there's a decent Indian place upstairs at the Market Place (above the IGA).
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Great! Thanks for the Indian tip, something I miss when I'm abroad. I'll have to give it a go next time I'm in Whistler.
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The indian place is called Tandoori Grill, and is really good. Thai one on is a nice thai place at the base of blackcomb. Hy's Steakhouse is a good place for meat, but pricey. Teppan village is good japanese place where you get to watch the food cooked before you. the lobster and steak deal is awesome, not sure if it is available in winter. also nicklaus north golf club has a cheaper but great restaurant, which is normally fairly quiet during winter.

not sure about wifi in the village, but most hotels offer the service, for a price.

as mentioned, the bus around the village and benchlands is free, all others cost $1.50 each way, and no change is given by the driver, so have the right coinage
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why is it everytime i post at this forum it gets deleted, i posted an informative piece for the OP, even linked to a few websites of the restaurants I mentioned so they could check them out further.
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Teppan Village
nice japanese place where they cook the food in front of you
Tandoori grill is the indian place mentioned, as is very good
cant be bothered to link rest since it will get deleted anyway
hy's steakhouse
nicklaus north golf club
both umberttos
bearfoot bistro

i have been to them and all good

rim rock i have never been to, but it is VERY popular
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Thanks for the restaurant comments. Since I will be there in a few weeks I wanted to see what reservations I could make. Hopefully with all the snow they have been getting we won't be tired to eat

We got in three days of powder practice here in Tahoe with the recent storm that dumped over 5 ft in a few days, so I feel more ready.
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The Tandoori Grill in Mktplace area is one of the best Indian restaurants I've been to, and I make it a point to eat Indian food wherever I go. Also the splitz grill for burgers is great. Have been to Bearfoot bistro and Rim rock. Rimrock hands down. Not cheap, but definitely has the full on dining experience. Have not been to Araxi.
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