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First Skis

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I'm new to skiing. I have gone a few times to this very small hill about 2 hours away. I've been looking for a pair of skis for the past month now and I'm familiar with the skis and specs from many different brands. I've been looking hard for a good price on a good pair of skis and now it's decision making time.

I'm 6', 175lbs. I've skied a few times before and it comes fairly natural. I have the opportunity to buy Head iXRC 1200, XENON Xi 9.0, or XENON Xi 7.0 skis. There are also K2 Apache Stryker skis that I'm interested in. All the head skis are 170cm in length while the K2's are 167. Would these skis be too much for someone just getting into skiing? Or would they be good to learn on?
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dawgcatching reviewed the Head iXRC 1200 last year. You might contact him (Scott) by private message and see if he has any for sale. I'm sure he will be glad to answer your questions as well. All of the Head skis have quite a bit of shape and are best suited to advanced carving, with the 1200 being perhaps more forgiving. Not exactly what I picture beginners on, but you can grow into these skis.

The K2 Apache has a much more mellow shape, and a rounded tail. I would consider this a more forgiving ski and might be a good bet. I haven't personally skied it so maybe someone will offer some first hand experience.

Welcome to EpicSki. Good luck
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The K2 Apache Stryker in a 167cm has about a 15 meter turn radius that will respond with increasingly better carving performance as your edging and pressure control movements improve. At 74mm underfoot it offers a good platform for learning and will support exploring a variety of snow conditions as well.
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Thanks a lot for the input. I ended up going for the k2 crossfire over the stryker.
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What factors led you to choose the Crossfire over the Stryker?
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There's really two reasons why I chose them.

First off I'm not going to be skiing any powder at all, and from what I've read they sound like a good ski for groomed trails.

Second I couldn't find a set of strykers cheaper than the crossfires. Never got them out yet, but I'm hoping to soon!
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