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Recessionary effects?

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With all the talk about the likelihood of polls and surveys not really meaning much, I thought it approriate to put together a poll here to see if those participating think there has been any effect on their skiing related spending
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It's flawed, I tell's ya...

You see, the "recession" has caused a slow down in parts of my industry, but hasn't affected me as yet. So, I am being more careful about saving money.
You didn't give me this option on your poll!

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Yes Fox, It is seriously flawed!

The last two categories have little chance of getting a valid set of responses. ..Kind of the same as the stupid 'catch 22' situation demanding street people supply a contact telephone number or physical contact address on employment applications!
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...and you didn't have one which said:
"I'm so broke I can't afford to donate money to the running of this excellent site"

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Funny how we can mannipulate words. "Depends upon what the meaning of "is" is. "

Like the use of the words "Assult Rifle", Recession can be truely manipulated to mean more than it appears. In government, prior to Mr. Clinton and the boys, Recession was a negative growth period in the economy. In the past 20 years, since we lost good ole Jimmy Carter, we have not had negative growth. But, now, looking at the actual definition of Recession, it does fit. It is a down turn in the economy, not negative growth. Guess we are stuck with this meaning now. But it would seem silly to consider that in an economy that could produce 6% growth annually, a 4% growth year could then be considered a Recession. :

Get out those semi-automatic "Assult Rifles". You may need them to ward off all the poor now that the economy is on a down turn. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Thanks for the input guys!!

For those who are experiencing adverse affects, I sincerely hope that situation is soon rectified!!

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recession is when my neighbor is out of work...depression is when I am un-employed.
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What recession?! There's no recession here, we haven't had one in years. Yesterday they annouced our national unemployment rate is now lower than that in the US. We are very happy to have dodged the US and Japanese problems for so long.
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