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Head i.C160

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What are the negative points about this ski?
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Older design, not very wide, not especially stable at speed.

Positive point: very easy to carve on groomed snow (but what ski isn't)?

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Very unstable at speed, as in don't even think about going fast on a blue run. If you are new to skiing AND will not be tempted to ski fast they should be ok. If you get going too fast with them you could be in for a tragic fall.
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The iC160 was the starting point of the Intelligence skis from Head. Is suitable for lighter skiers and is best on groomed slopes. If you are 6 foot tall and close to 200 lbs it is too soft for you. On the other hand if you are 150 lbs and 5'10" and not a racer it is a great ski for the money and performs well.

The iC160 and after that the iC260 was the softest ski in the Head line that I would ski. At 163 was OK for me but in longer lengths far too soft. However I am not 150 lbs and 5'10 either - more like 6'2" and the 200 lb variety.

Remember that Stiff is relative in a ski to skier weight, ability and strength. A lot of skiers I know loved the iC160

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Harald Harb a few years ago raved about how good this ski was, saying the "glossy ski magazine reviews didn't do it justice" the ski was a great carver. Certainly its performance was influenced by the pilot and their physical stats.
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Harald also raves about skiing in powder on skinny skis.

More to the point, he is sponsored by Head. In other words, he is paid to recommend the skis. Most people who take lessons at his program are urged to use Head skis & boots.

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He also has a slalom background and does not believe recreational skiers need a ski that is stable at speeds beyond slalom speeds.
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On ebay last year you could buy this ski for like $125. All things considered a good bargain, provided you aren't a heavy weight and don't plan on skiing too fast.
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I got a pair of 170mm iC160 skis on eBay for $110 and a pair of Look PX12 bindings for $90. Since I'm moderately cheap, with a lot of mechanical background, and the local shop claimed they couldn't do the mounting, I did it myself. It was a pretty simple procedure. I adjusted the bindings to match my other skis.

I skied these, along with my new 168mm Speedwave 12s (thanks Dawg!) at a tiny little place in NM (Sipapu) for four days. I was most impressed. I am 5'9" tall and 210lbs. I actually bought these as easy skis - I was skiing with a friends 9 year old daughter most of the time and helping her.

The SpeedWaves were not a great "teaching and loafing" ski. They don't really come into their own until at least medium speed, and they are a lot of work to turn at slow speeds.

The 160's, on the other hand, were absolutely fabulous for teaching. I expected that, but was more impressed with how they performed when I got the chance to make some fun runs. They are a joy in the bumps, not bad in crud, fine on the icy stuff, and very capable on the groomed up until pretty close to "way fast". I am not a great skier, but do ski most everywhere, and am significantly faster than average most places.

I im just skiing for fun, and going whatever speed I like, the Speedwaves (or my Stormrider XL's) are my favorites, but skiing on these won't hurt my feeling much at all.

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Nice to hear a report on ski equipment confirming a good value at an affordable price. We need more of that.
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I'm 5'9" and 170 lbs. I skied these for 3 years after getting back into skiing after not skiing for 10 years. This is a great ski for learning modern carving technique and skiing at moderate speeds. They are an easy ski and I was spending most of my time on gentle slopes with my young daughters. After outgrowing these skis I move up to the Fisher RX8s this year (thanks dawg) which are far superior. But if you haven't skied a lot, the ic160s are a good place to start.

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