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Which bindings?

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I have Head i.C160 (149) skis and I'm not sure which bindings i should buy. I want something under $150 and something i can buy in stores not online.
height-5 feet
weight-95 ibs.

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Tyrolia Railflex "II", LD11 or LD12.

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i bought head rfII and they weren't able to mount them because they were designed for rail skis?
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You might just need these:

Although the plate should have been provided either with the binding or with the ski.

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so what should i tell them ?
you should put them on because they should have came with a baseplate?
and that will allow them to match the ski
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I would ask, if you purchased the ski & bindings from the same shop they should include them, no-questioned-asked.
If you purchased from 2 different sources they might point the finger at each other.

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well i bought them both from the same store but not as a package. I bought them at separate times.
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they suggested me another pair of bindings for only $69 but im not sure how great they are? they are still head but i dont know the model
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I would stick to the railflex II, they may have offered kids bindings. Check the maximum DIN level. Go with at least 11, 12 is better.

Not much of a Shop IMHO.


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the link that you gave me earlier tells me this: We carry some other Tyrolia Ski Bindings such as Mojo (which are free flex bindings without the free flex rigidity plate), Cyber (which are premounted on a carve plate), and whatever else we can get our hands on.
Can you explain the that to me?

and i called another store with the same binding and they said i need a conversion plate? is that what you recommended?
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I would not use a MOJO since these come with wide brakes. I'm not familiar with all the Head binding models so its difficult to provide specific advice.

Unless you got some great deal (skis less than $150) I would return everything and go to a better shop.

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I agree with Barrett, not much of a shop.

I went into my local ski shop and asked what bindings he had that I could mount on my Vollants that I had picked up on sale somewhere else. He showed me some pieces of crap. I asked if it was possible to put some of those free-flexing bindings on my skis. I was told flat out that it was impossible; I had to mount them flat. Translation: I should buy the cheap bindings he was hawking. Being skeptical, I made further inquiries. This guy was deliberatley misleading me to try and sell me what he had on the shelf. I bought some free flexing bindings from Skidepot. They came with the necessary plate/rail or whatever is needed for free-flexing. I had another shop mount them up for me without problem. I've crossed the local shop off my list.
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Bindings that you will fall in love with

Flow m9 snowboard bindings are by far the best bindings you will ever purchase.

Yes yes I know you’re looking for ski binding, but why stop there just quit skiing and buy a board. Why your ask...
Well, actually it’s a fairly simple, skiing sucks compared to snowboarding. There can be no true comparison between traversing fresh glades in the morning before the status quo skier peers their dirty nose on the slopes. Please please before you get bent out of shape, I can do both which I doubt 99.9 percent of you can do. This means before you waste your time making sarcastic remarks remember this: I can probably out ski and snowboard you on any given day learn to board before you open your mouth.

Again, if you buy Flow you will never go back...
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The Head iC160 should have a Railflex plate. The 2004/05 models came with these. You should be able to order one thru your shop to work with the Railflex II bindings that you already have. You should have received a Railflex plate with your skis or even on your skis.

Alternatively ask for a Carve plate and swicth to a Free Flex or similar binding. Your shop should be able to do this for you with little trouble as there are readily available jigs for mounting either the railflex rails or or carve plates and as you have not used the bindings. I am assuming you purchased both skis and bindings from the same shop.

Good luck with this. It is shaping up to be a great season and I am sure you want to be on the snow as quickly as possible.


As for Din settings at 5' 0" and 95 lbs even a type III skier would have a DIN setting around 5.5 - 6 (depending on boot sole length). With that in mind anything of DIN 9 or more is fine and anything starting at DIN 4 is probably a bit too much.
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Just to confirm, the RF bindings should come with the rail/plate when purchased separately. This would allow them to be mounted on any suitable ski. Just go to the place where you bought the bindings and tell them you want the plate that goes with the bindings (it's a separate box, but generally they stock them 1:1). Usually plates are free, or no more than $10 to buy extras.
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i ended up buying these head sl100 bindings would that go together with my skis and boots?
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