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Kid's Tele skiing?

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My 11 year old daughter was really smiteen by the Tele skiers we say last week while skiing at Monarch. She would really like to try it next year when we go out west. Does anyone know if there is tele gear available to rent for munchkins and if so, what ski areas have the best instruction for tele skiing?
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Depending on the size of your daughter, so far there has been very limited options for kids tele gear. I ended up mounting some used (softer) alpine skis with light cable bindings for my 11 year old. He's got some used brown/maroon Scarpa T3s (I think), women's . Garmont makes kid's boots. AFAIK, tele instruction is very common at ski schools. If not Monarch, I'm sure the tele Mecca of Crested Butte has instruction options.

As far as best, I know a certain tele/alpine queen at Telluride who'd be hard to surpass as an instructor for telemarking....or alpine for that matter. .

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That might be something that currently will necessitate private lessons. Not sure if you ride on tele's, but it might be fun for the two of you to take a private tele lesson together.
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I've got several friends that raised their kids on tele skis. They natually parallel for a while and then slowly start to imitate their parents more and more to exclusive tele turns. If she is already an alpine skier I would get her some tele gear and let her experiment a little and then hook her up with a good women tele skier for some friendly instruction. The key is not to force the tele turn. It's OK to parallel and just throw a few tele turns in whenever the mode strikes. Too many people take a beating trying to instantly switch to a different turn.

Check with Pine Needle Mountaineering in Durango. They have a great web site and one of the best selections of tele gear in the country (new and some used). If they don't have it I bet they know where to find it. Talk to Jeremy or Keith.
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She is already Alpine skiing very well, at least as well as you can when you live in Atlanta and ski twice a year. She really wants to try to tele exclusively when we go next year. She will need new skis anyway, so I might as well just get a tele set. Are there any kids Alpine skis that I can pick up cheap and put tele bindings on?
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Tele skis are generally just softer versions of alpine skis. Many are identical except they have a different top sheet and have a layer of metal left out. Alpine skis are designed to bend with all your weight on one ski, where tele skis bend with half your weight. Other than the flex the ski charteristics are basically the same, so any good alpine ski would work as long as it's not too stiff. I would recommend a medium wide ski for a beginning tele skier because it will be more forgiving for learning the new balance dynamics of the tele turn, but I'm afraid that I'm completely ignorant when it comes to children's skis.
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Here's a start from I haven't seen a kid tele ski shorter than 138cm. Looks like Scarpa is getting into the kid sizing now.

(A year is a long time in kid years and interests can change quickly. Something to weigh while considering expenditures.)
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