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Fischer MX-Pro

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I have a new pair of 05-06 MX Pro boots (the yellow and black year model) I've skied them four days and they are comfortable in the toe and forefoot area and snug through the midfoot, ankle and heal. No hot spots. I do not expect to return to the boot sellers shop this year so a followup visit to the seller is not an option.
The rear spoiler is adjusted out to give me a little more calf room. The boots are stiff and VERY difficult to take off. Three days after skiing my heals are still sore from the pressure and strain of pulling off the boots. One arch is also sore which may or may not be related to the boots. I hope to add custom footbeds on my next ski trip and I think that will snug up the boot and make it even harder to put on and take off.
The size feels right. Buckels are in their mid range when tightened. I’ve never faced this problem before with the 5 other pairs of boots I’ve owned as an adult. Any suggestions on how to get these off and on? I’d be willing to add a little flex (reduced stiffness) to the boot if it helped the off and on problem.
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Bring a heat gun or hair dryer to the mountain and a shell spreader to ease entry and exit.
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I don't want to argue with the experts but isn't there a better way than this?
The only thing I can find out about a "shell spreader" indicates it's some type of shop equipment used by technicians to hold open a boot whlie they're working on it. I don't see how I can carry an hair dryer and shell spreader around with me in a backpack just so I can take off my boots in the lodge during lunch to change my socks!
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