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Picked this ski up last summer during SJ's off season sale. Been looking to get wider in my quiver and this seemed like a decent choice (particularly given its sale price). This ski is 90mm at the waist and I have the 180s. I believe the tip, waist and tail dimensions are identical to the Prophet 90.

Skier profile:
Level 8/9
6 foot 3 185 lbs...athletic.
Location: The Canyons and Park City, UT
Conditions: 12 " of fresh and packed powder on subsequent days

Generally, I liked this ski quite a bit. Being a relative newcomer to wider boards, I was shocked at how quick and nimble it was in terms of engaging a turn and completing it. My main ski is the Legend 8k and I noticed the Blend to be only a tad slower edge to edge--this is not what I expected. When I took it in the deep stuff it had pretty decent float. My buddy was on the Mantra and he was definitely getting better float than I but this ski did not embarrass itself in deep snow. We skied trees, bowls and pistes covered with loose soft snow. I have the bindings mounted back 1.5 and this helped to keep the tips up and stable in the snow without too much trouble. However, I will say that I wished I had more length under me. The ski felt short in the deep snow and I wished it was at least 5-8 cm longer. Overall though, these were better in the softer, deeper stuff than anything I have skied to date.

On the packed powder of days following, I continued to be impressed with how this ski handles. It did very well in the bumps due to its forgiving flex and good turn radius. I did find that it got knocked around some in the crud and ruts particularly on the steeper, larger bumps. I am a fairly aggressive skier and can get the ski up on edge and really push it so it might not be quite enough ski for me.

Bottom Line: This ski is a perfect ski for someone getting used to wider platforms and adjusting to the wider ski trend. It is fun and playful when used in an all mountain capacity and allows for some dabbling in tricks and jumps since its a twin tip. It requires some competence in terms of staying on top of the skis and really controlling them instead of the other way around. Would recommend one be at least a strong intermediate who is still improving for them to really be fun. It will provide good float on most POW days unless its well over a foot of fresh--in that case you'll need a true powder ski. I like it but am leaning toward going longer and even a bit wider b/c I think I need a bit more ski. I plan to demo the Volkl Bridge (92 underfoot) in the 185, the Watea 94 in the 184, and the Prophet 100 in a 185 and the 188 Bros in the 188.

If I find the "one" in that group, I will probably sell these so if anyone has a burning interest...let me know. Skis are in immaculate condition. I hope these insights help, if you have particular questions that I didn't answer let me know. This is my first time doing a review so its perhaps not as technical as some of the veterans who post reviews regularly.

Cheers and safe skiing.