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Please help for new ski purchase

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Hello all,
I plan to visit Zermatt in Feb and want to buy new skis.
I am 5.8 and 150 lbs (173cm-68 kg)
Advanced skier
I ski 15-20 days a year, mostly ski on hardpack but I want to start powder skiing this year.
I don’t like to carry 2 skis with me and this will be my only ski.

I am looking for a ski which has good edge hold, stable in speed, available to do both long and short turns and also acceptable in powder, bump and crud. Also I don’t want a heavy ski.

I am trying to decide between;
Stöckli Laser SC : 114-63-95 ( 163cm-13,5 radius)
Volkl Racetiger RC: 114-67-98 (163cm-14,6 radius)
Volkl AC40 unlimited: 125-82-110 (163cm-14,4 radius)
Rossi Bandit B78: 116-78-105 (166cm-15 radius)

Have you ever skied these and which one do you recommend for my requirements?
Thanks a lot..
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If any one of us could come up with a ski like that we would retire to Zermatt!

SC's are great skis, good at speed, ice and most conditions. They are a tad heavier (by an ounce or two), but of course that is also why they are not like many other skis.

Are SC's good in powder .... on packed or light powder they are real nice but are they going to float you on a powder day ... nope ... they are too SL like for that.

Crud busting ... how good are you? For nasty piles and crud I'd go with a DP or something.

You are asking a lot of one ski.
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Thanks for your reply Yuki..
I am trying to get the best from the ski, I know I want much
My heart wants me to have a SC or RC but my mind tells me to go for the mid-fats..
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I don't have a clue where you are posting from or where you intend to do most of your future skiing.

Go on to the Stockli locator site and you will see that they have a few shops around Switzerland.

It is under ........ stoeckli ..... with an "e" ... and that will take you to the CH (Swiss site).

I would consider high end rentals and take your own boots. If you are from here in the mid-east US ... powder skis wouldn't be much use, though my son, an 17 year old race brat does love his older DP's and says they are very GS like and the same can be said for the XL's.
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You should check out the Stockli Rotor. 76mm under foot with a 14m turn radius.
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I am posting from Turkey.. For long stays I mostly ski in French Alps, will try Swiss for the first time, and plan to go to Avoriaz in March.. For the weekends I am going some place near Istanbul for skiing, where I live..
I found some ski shop in Zermatt which I can demo Stöckli and Volkl, so I hope I will have a chance to test and buy..
thanks much..
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