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Eton rack anyone ?

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Anyone have any experience with this product ? Sound appealing but then again...

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I see it's like $65. with shipping to hold two pairs of skis. If you want to carry more you double that. If you price out a Thule system which allows you to do more. You may get the most bang for your buck to go with the Thule rack. It depends on if you just want a cheap ski rack or if you plan to carry other items. I have the Thule box plus bike carriers so I use my rack all year.

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yeah, it's pretty cheap compared to a Thule or Yakima rack. I don't have the use to carry more than two pairs of skis and I don't really like the idea of having a full blown rack up there since I'll only be using it a couple months a year. Those things can be noisy.

I would just like to know if this system is reliable. If it's like the magnets on my fridge, I'd be weary to my skis up there...
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Whatever you get, be sure it will let you be kind to your skis by bagging them. I cringe eery time I see a car driing down the interstate with their skis out in the open. Just consider what's coming down on them from the air, and up from the road. There are all kinds of fluids from the cars and trucks on the road, plus road salt if you live in snowy country, (we see salt about once a year), plus bugs and stuff. So make sure you can bag your skis and clip the rack around the bag.
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I have a similar magnetic rack system (I don't know the brand name of mine). I have a Thule rack on my main ski vehicle and bought this rack to use on those infrequent occasions when I use my other car to go skiing. I used my magnetic rack a couple of times last year without problem--the magnets do hold the rack securely in place.

Here are a few other things you might want to consider:

1) To avoid scratching the paint on your car, it is important that both the roof and rack are clean before use.

2) My car has a rather large sunroof which makes rack placement a bit challenging.

3) My rack isn't designed optimally for my skis (K2 Axis) with the raised mod core. I have to put one ski in each of the two holders in order for them to accomodate the top skin bulge, effectively making it a one pair rack. These same skis are easily handled by my Thule ski rack on my other car. Two pairs of skis with traditional, flat top sheets do fit into my magnetic rack.

4) The 'locking sytem' isn't too secure. But then again, any security on this rack is false. There is no way to keep some who is so inclined from stealing the rack with the skis still in it.

The rack works well as a universal back up but I wouldn't want to use it as my primary unit.
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This is exactly what I've been looking for. Looks like the price went up... but it's still worth it if you want a non permanent rack for a small car like mine.
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Anyone know where I might be able to get this used?
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