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2007: A ski year in review

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What do you remember most from the year 2007 related to skiing?

What stands out most for me is the past 10.5/12 months (dropping Jan into the beginning of Feb) gave us some of the best skiing and snow that the East has offered for al long as I can remember.
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Skiing down Screech Owl at Beaver Creek with four great friends last April. It was snowing like crazy and we were just having a blast, whooping and giggling the whole way down. I had skied the same run the previous day and been so focused on what I needed to do technically that I forgot to have fun. The vivid difference between the two runs is fresh in my mind.
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Hiking/skiing Highland Bowl & 4 days in Aspen was the highlight of a ski season that ran from New Year's week to my last day on April 27. Another was a Monday in February pow day at Squaw doing solo laps on KT-22...
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Easy choice; the last day we skied in 2007…

...was the best one until the next one

Happy New Year 2008
Don & Betsy

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ESA Tahoe inspired some new skills and modest breakthroughs in my skiing, and March 29th (no pics) and April 6th (see below) sort of speak for themselves. Thanks, EpicSki, for everything!
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1. Busting my shoulder on 1/1/2007 on my first run of the year. :

2. Skiing in Portillo in August after all the rehab, realizing I could still ski and not be unreasonably fearful of getting hurt again.

3. Teaching my first class of the new season in mid-December.
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