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100 bucks for used 10 times 185cm Snoop Daddies was to hard of a deal to pass up. So I bought them.

Level 9 - I can turn left and sometimes right on 99.9 percent of the runs at snowbird.
current in use quiver 173cm Fisher Rc4 GS, 179cm K2 Public Enemy, 189cm K2 Seth

Skis are mounted with a Naxos Nx21 touring binding that do limit the edge hold on really hard ice.

On to the ski, easy going, feathery, good edge grip, and damp. Are all words I could use to describe this ski.

On groomers its makes long turns great with high edge angles and what almost feels like artifical grip. The ski doesnt get kicked around at all, but at the sametime its feels super dead. The deadness hurts it short turns where its just hard to keep a rythym.

On the now cruded up steeps of snowbird the ski despite its dampness has a speed limit. When its deep crud like most of snowbird is right now, the ski tend to get throw around at the speeds I like to ski at. Even though normally I would be on a much fatter ski in conditions like this my K2 Pes rail this stuff alot better than these ski.

bumps - tips feels to long which is weird because I think my seth are decent bumps skis and they are much longer and stiffer. So this is not a case of 'too much ski" jsut something weird about this ski.

powder- finally the first positive. These skis ski powder pretty well. the tip is soft and come up to the surface but yet you can ski powder old school slow, or new school fast on this ski. gives you enough float in the dense stuff and let you get face shoots in the light stuff.

verdict these are my touring skis, they ski powder and groomed well enough(this will be like corn skiing) to keep them, they are super light for skinning/hiking. I think there are much better skis out there in this size range.
but everyone likes something different so if you try some stuff out and you think rock go fo them just not my style.

before you buys these take a hard look at the K2 Pe, Head IM88, and Elan 888. IMO those last 3 skis are way more 'fun' than these atomics