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Mag 12's a "kick back and take it easy ski"???

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In researching the Mag 12's, I have seen varied reviews....seems as though reviews here indicate that it is a relatively serious ski, though not as burly as the Mag 14 with the extra metal...those on SkiDiva seem to agree that it needs input from the skier...

I just read, however, a review in SkiPress that presents it much differently and wanted to see what people thought about this and the accuracy...
The Mag 12 is listed in the Freeride MidFat section of the women's review...based on their points system, the ski came in 8th, but their narrative doesn't seem to match with what people have been saying.

"For you, skiing is a social sport. You're out there having fun with your playmates on sunny days, cruising through ego snow. Non of that type-A, scare-yourself silly stuff for you. The Magfire 12 is your kind of kick-back and take-it easy ski, for doing big, take it easy turns. A Western ski? Perhaps, as one tester wrote, "A great, all-mountain ski in softer snow." Or a great social skiers ski."

It also says that the Mag 12 is "a smooth easy cruiser for long, easy turns" though I didn't think that the radius measurements, especially in the smaller sizes really indicated this?!

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I wouldn't agree at all. Feedback from us shop guys (myself and another employee, who is larger than myself and an expert) as well as customers, seem to all feel that this is a high-performance ski. One customer, who was skiing 666's and purchased the new Mag 12, commented to me that in addition to loving the Mag 12, he thought it was "definitely more ski than the 666". There are several people who have demoed it in the past week that got pushed around by it and ended up on the iM78 or iM82 instead. My opinion is that it is a high-end ski with a fairly stiff flex that likes to travel fast.
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It is a burly ski, and dawg's assessment is right on the money. That said, I have found that the 666, old Mag 12, new Mag 12, and to a much less extent, Mag 14, can function very well as cruiser skis -- providing a smooth ride down the hill that is unfazed by crud and small irregularities in the snow. If you want to ski relaxed, they will do it. However, that is definitely not the strength of the ski. But the reason I mention it is that some skis don't have a relaxed side -- either they are too turny, demand some level of attention, or just require too much energy to respond.
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Thank you for the replies. I appreciate the input. These reviews can be so limited but I guess a good starting point for selecting demos.
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I spent quite a bit of time on a Mag 12 today, as well as a Head iM82. I found the Mag 12 to be a little lighter in feel than the iM82 (even though the Head is the lighter ski), the Mag 12 seemed a big less stable in rough snow and frozen crud than the iM82, and the Mag 12 was a bit more aggressive laterally and more exciting on groomers than the iM82. Overall, they were quite similar in skier suitability and performance.
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