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In the Market Again

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I am 44 years old, 245 pounds and consider myself a Low, Advanced skier. My mechanics are Advanced, my fear factor needs a little help sometimes. Currently I switch betweek Fischer RX 8's and Nordica Hot Rod's, both in 170 size. Was wondering what new is out there that I may want to look at. I am starting to think something a little longer also due to my weight. Please pass thoughts on ski length as well. By the way, I ski 100% in the east, outside of Pittsburgh. Thanks as always for the great advice.
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I am also 6 feet tall. Please pass along your expert opinions.
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Definitely go up to 175 - 180cm depending on the ski; I think 170cm is definitely short for your height/weight. What type of snow conditions do you prefer skiing in, or most frequently encounter?
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Thanks Skier. I prefer groomed runs. Conditions are mostly eastern, "no powder" slopes with a slant towards icy. BTW, what will the longer length do for me?
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for fear factor go ski someplace else other than hidden valley then go back to hidden valley and nothing will be steep there anymore.

as for skis your skis will be fine.

with out seeing you skis and knowing that a private lesson at Hidden Valley is like 45 dollars and that a group(there will be one person in your group you) is like 20 invest in that and get more out of what you have.

BTW skier219 if I was still skiing at HV I would be on 165 SL boards or 162 metrons
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