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size 28.5 Previous boots were Salomon Pro SC 28.5, Improving (?) Intermediate, 60 yr. old, shoe size 11.5-B, low volume-low instep
The fit was initially snug with light weight ski socks but packed out noticeably over four days of skiing. The first thing that struck me was this boot was the Fischer’s had more toe room than the Salomon even after the Salomon’s had one big toe punched. They were also a lot stiffer than my Salomon’s. Both are rated as similar performance but the Salomon is a 95 flex and the Fischer is a 110. WOW what a difference. I feel like the Salomon is soft and at the lower end of my flex range but I can barely flex the Fischer at room temperature! They were also a more difficult to put on and MUCH more difficult to take off. I read this model had a low instep and that was one of the features that attracted me.
How did they ski? What about the SOMA stance that attracted me to them in the first place? They skied fine but frankly I could not tell much difference! I was not able to make a same day comparison with my old Salomon’s. I did note that a combination of the SOMA stance and the additional cuff adjustment allowed me to get my right foot flat on the snow.
I believe the Fischer’s are a 101mm and the Salomon’s are a 98mm last and I can tell the difference. The Fischers are very comfortable through the forefoot and around the toes. The lower instep was an improvement over the Salomons but the wider last was probably a step in the wrong direction. A bootfitter added a heal lift to make the Salomon’s fit my instep and I don’t need that on the Fischers.
For the first time in my life I found a boot that was hard to put on and I could not take them off until they warmed up for at least 15 minutes! Clearly the lower instep made a difference but I think there must be more to it than that, so if anyone has any suggestion I’d appreciate them. It made my ankle and heal hurt every time I took off the boot.
The top back of the shell had an adjustment to allow more leg room or a slightly more upright stance. I’ve had heal lifts added to two different boots to stop the tops of the liner from pinching the back of my legs. I like this setup much better.
Warmth – The temp was in the teens for most of the day for the last week at Big Sky. As I broke them in the boots got progressively better over four days of skiing. After the first two days the back inch of my foot (heal) was numb and the pad under my 4th and 5th toes was numb. The numbness was very specific and in exactly the same spots on the bottom of both feet. On the heal it was like someone drew a straight line across the back of my foot about an inch from the back of the heal and it stayed numb for 15 minutes after I took off the boot! I could not tell if this was caused by the cold tempreature or pressure that cut off circuliton. I’ve never had anything like that happen before so I’d be interested if anyone had any insight into what was going on.
My old footbeds do not fit the new liners. The Fischer liners have a very good heal pocket and my footbeds are too thick to fit under the padded portion of the liner. My next step is to get some footbeds that fit the liners or maybe by liners that fit my present footbeds. My concern is that if I get footbeds that fit my foot more snuggly I’ll make the boot even more difficult to take off. I only skied four days and only took off the boots five times and my heals are still sore two days later. Anyone have any suggestions?