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Crash Etiquette

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Hi folks,

Say somebody slams into you while you're standing on the side of the hill and snaps one of your poles in two.

What do you say? Should they replace the broken gear? Do you suck it up (the cost) and consider it collateral damage for engaging in a potentially hazardous activity?

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You shove the jagged remains through their chest, take both of their poles and ski off.

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Haha. And if it's a boarder...
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Get them to buy you new poles.

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If a boarder hits you... quite simply kill them... Make them pay for the pole one way or another. If they refuse make sure that you have been compensated before they leave the scene.
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It depends. If the person was trying to be careful and just hit you because of a lack of skill I would tend to let it go. If they hit you because of recklessness or disregard if would expect to have my pole replaced.
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This happened to me when i was twelve or so and skiing alone. A woman fell on a plate of ice and crashed with her skiedge trough my aluminium pole and my skipants and leaves a great big gash on my skiboot. I shudder to think what would have happened if the edge had been held 5 cm higher. She asked if i was allright and skied away. I was just happy to be alive. I only noticed the broken pole and the cut up pants after a few minutes. If somebody would do something like that to me now , i would make them pay for everything. Sadly i don't live in the US so i won't be able to sue them for a billion bucks.
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Poseur, a correct person should offer to pay
for the pole(s).
Or his/her insurance should do it.
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I would say they should reimburse you, but only if you stopped in a safe spot where the person could see you early enough to avoid you.
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Good point, and my initial thought. If you are standing in a safe place (side of the run, not blind to above traffic) then you should get compensated, if in fact the person was reckless in any way. If it was just a bone head manuver by an unskilled, then they feel stupid enough as it is, and maybe ask for some compensation instead of full.
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Poor kid,

I think he was trying to follow my line down the hill and was caught off guard when I stopped. I heard him on the heelside brakes as he slid into me.

If my pole wasn't on the uphill side he would've caught me just above the boot. Better the pole I figured.

Anyway, he was shaking like a leaf 'cause he probably thought I was going to thrash him. I remained very calm.

"I guess that's a good reminder of why you shouldn't ride so close to somebody you don't know, eh?"
"Désolé! I'm sorry."
"Don't worry about it. Just pay more attention, okay?"

As I rode off, I realised I wasn't sponsored anymore, and would have to actually buy a new set... Rats.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by M@tteo:
Poseur, a correct person should offer to pay
for the pole(s).
Or his/her insurance should do it.

I did not know that we had collision insurance for skiing. Let's not drag insurance/liability into this, shall we? It is just a pole for Pete's sake. If you snap your pole getting on the lift, would ask the resort to replace it, if I damage my ski on a rock in the middle of the trail should I go after them as well.

If it was clearly my fault and I had the cash with me I would probably offer to cover part of the cost, but would not feel obligated to do so. Part of the risk that you are assuming is that someone could make a bonehead move. That is just part of skiing. There is a bunch of stuff that others can do to spoil your day.
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were they your $5 swap poles or the nice graphite ones?

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I was poleaxed (!) three years ago.
I didn't realise my Goode (graphite) pole had been halved until too late. The man with the axe had gone.
I decided this was too expensive an experience and replaced them with inferior alloy poles.
I'm still angry every time I use them!
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