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To all our friends...

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I'm back home after 4 days (of which three actually skiing) in the mountains, and I wanted to share with all of you a small thought that I had.
No one has completely gone from this world until theres' someone who still remembers them, who still think about them...
So, to all of us and to our friends "flown out west" in 2007, that their memory in our hearts may make them live a little bit more, that what we shared with them may bring a smile on our faces...
Happy new year, to one and all.
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Buon Anno Nuovo Matteo,

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One of the nicest posts ever. Good heart Mateo ...
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I think you are correct. Thank you.
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Thanks, Matteo... and thanks, friends...
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That's great philosophy, Matteo, but I'm left wondering,

Where's the trip report?
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Hello Joan...TR coming soon!
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Couldn't resist, given thread title...

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Missed that one.

Very true post indeed.

Une trés bonne année à tous.
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I thought Mickey Rourke was big in France.
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Welcome to the '80s...

(Dude, I was answering Matteo...)
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Anyway, it was kind of a random one. I think he says, "another drink, for all my friends" at several points in that movie (Barfly). I do remember reading that Rourke is an icon in France, though. Is that true?
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No. He has his 10 minutes, maybe more here than in the states, but they're long gone.
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Great post and happy New Year's to you...

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Beautiful thought, Matteo.

The sentiment has been expressed by trekchick in a different way, from a different perspective, in her "footprint" thread.
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Hi Oboe.
I did not know about the footprint thread (I had seen the title but not the thread itself) contents. Will look for it and read.
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