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Mantra dilema, arrrgh

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I like the fact that I have found this forum and TGR, however too much info and theory is dangerous. I picked up a pair of 184 Mantra's from PTEX here for a price that I couldn't pass up, now I need to get my bindings settled. I have read all the mounting ideas about 1, 1.5, 2 cm back, and all about binding failures. I never considered any of this before, I just bought skis and bindings, had them mounted and skied them. I do NOT do park, trick stuff or fakie. I do ski fast and hard in off piste stuff at Squaw and elsewhere, small cliff jumps (less than 20'). I like to rail fast on the groom to get back to the chair, but don't ski groomers per se. Obviously powder is king, but I ski all conditions. I'm 6-0 200lbs. I'm thinking of just finding an older salomon 912 or 914 and mounting on the line, but I keep hearing mount it back 1-2 cm. HELP! I looked at the Jester, nice design, probably bulletproof, but I don't see me needing it. THanks.
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mount them on the line. You can pick up some 912's cheap usually at
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The mounting point issue was for the 05/06 model. I'm pretty sure the mount pt was corrected for the 06/07 season.

Also, with the 07/08 make sure you go to a shop that will double check the center line on the graphic by measuring it. Supposedly there are some errors on the topsheet graphic.
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I have the same ski and am the same size. I went -1.5 and am still up in the air on it. I felt like I could go over the tips with a center mount when I demoed, and felt like the tail was a bit in the way. But at the rear mount the edges don't hook up when you roll your ankle and they are way less lively. I think for soft stuff you might like a rear mount. For me, I have some gotamas on the way and that leaves me thinking I will remount at center and us the gots for softer days.
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I've said this before on other Mantra threads. Since most people are using this ski in an all-mountian context (i.e. skiing hardpack and bumps on occasion) and it has a 96mm waist, it will carve more easily if you jack the bindings up off the ski a little. Mounting on center or forward may give you more tip pressure, but it doesn't help you get them on edge any easier. This ski will really carve, but not all that well if they are mounted flat.
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