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Binding Help for i.M72 Skis

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I bought a pair of flat '07 Head i.M72 skis. I got a Railflex 2 Base and RFD12 bindings to mount on them. The best local ski shop said that they do not have the jig to properly mount the Railflex base. He checked other shops in the area and they did not have the jig either. Apparently the shops usually order these skis with the Railflex base already mounted.

Is there a way I can get these mounted properly, or should I go with a non-Railflex binding? Should I stick with Tyrolia bindings, or would a Look PX12 Lifter be a good choice?
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Most Head dealers should have the jig. Don't give up so easily. You may have to take them with you on a trip and have them mounted at a mountain shop.
You could get a tyrolia carve plate and mount freeflex bindings on those but that shop may not be able to mount the carve plate either.
Any good flat binding would also be Ok if you don't want to search further.
Good Luck.
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The RF plates themselves can be used as a template to mark the holes. There needs to be a ~ 3-4 mm space between front and back plates when they are located on the ski. The tip of a binding bit is a good way to set the spacing.

I generally put double-stick tape on the plates, place them on the ski in the proper location (with the spacing), then scribe the holes. Remove the plates, drill/tap the holes as required by the ski construction, and then the rest is cake, like any standard binding mount.

They do not need a jig for these plates. It makes the mount a tiny bit simpler in that it removes the last minor bit of brainwork, but is not an absolute requirement. This is true of most plates.

Maybe if you mark the holes, they can take care of the rest? I can give some advice on lining up the plates and marking the holes if you want to try it.
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Don't try this at home!

Does this fall under the category of "don't try this at home"?? I have never done any of this kind of work on skis, so I just want to make sure marking the holes would truly be "foolproof" if I were to try it.
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The shop you bought these from should be responsible for the mounting. They should be able to borrow or buy the Railflex jig. Failing that try a Carve plate and Free Flex bindings or LD12/14 bindings- your shop should also be willing to do this if they can't get the jig. The Carve plate uses the 92W jig which is the most common Tyrolia jig and your shop should have already.


Certified on Tyrolia bindings
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