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I was an advanced intermediate skier. After 7 years of boarding I am returning to skiing. I left because my feet hurt. I have a pinched nerve in the front of my toes so I need I can't be clamped down to much upfront. I also have a high instep. I have purchased but not yet picked up a pair of Tecnica Men's Vento 10 HVL. The boot fitter did not want me going up in size and thought that the extra width would accomadate me well. The boots feel snug with no problems upfront. However, on my right foot, the left side of my foot starts to hurt after 5 - 10 mins in the boots. The left foot is fine. The fitter said that the boot will pack down and that I should try it out.

I am concerned that if it hurts at all in the store that it will not get better on the mountain. Any thoughts appreciated.
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give it a week. it might pack out. or try beating down the padding where it hurts. you don't want to have them punched and then be too loose when the liner does pack out. how does it hurt? is it like a hotspot, or foot cramping from being squeezed too hard?
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More a like a cramping from being squeezed too hard.
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Place the bare foot into the empty shell with yur heel about 1/4" of an inch from the back of the boot. If your foot touches the shell firmly at both sides at the widest part, (across the met heads) you will probably need some shell work. If you have some space side to side at the widest part of your foot, then you may not.

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if you like them otherwise, and you have space around your foot in the empty shell, try skiing in them. my right foot cramps up sometimes even though my boots fit, but it goes away after a couple of runs. if your arch is cramping up, maybe footbeds will help. if your fitter has a good reputation, follow his advice, if not, go to one that does.
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