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Red Lodge..lets get it started

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So my wife is working on a project in Billings and I am splitting my time between Gypsum,CO (AKA where the Eagle airport is) and MT..I thought it would be fun to ski Red lodge MT..and I did. a couple of weeks ago.but wow are they hurting for snow.

Only about 30% of the mountain is open (still), and no runs on the top..seems like a major snow hole around RL..the town is great. But a 17" base in early Jan??

Not fair for a place with some of the best beer I have ever tasted (Red Lodge Ale)

Come on Ullr, give some up for RL..please!!
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RL's rarely gets a good base, hence the name rock dodge. Must be in the shadow of Beartooth, because the other side of the pass toward Cook City seems to get a lot.

Do you work at EGE?
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You're finding out why many people in Billings have season passes at Bridger Bowl.
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I visited Red Lodge in the spring a couple years ago. Reportedly their best snow year in many seasons. They couldn't run the upper detachable chair because there was insufficient snow to ski the terrain it serves. Runs available off the lower detachable were very marginal. The area served by snowmaking/slow fixed grip chairs was great, though. Almost as thrilling as the access road.
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Only time I was ever there we lucked out and got a 3 foot dump! I am ashamed to say I ditched my buddy, who was wallowing in, it and made fresh tracks all day long. I guess there is some truth to that no friends on a powder day thing. I did ski with him the following day though.
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48" in two days

Red Lodge got hammered over the weekend..I made it up there and yesterday there was some awesome snow (cold smoke) and plenty of left over powder. Very cold, but sunny and not too windy.

I like this mountain when they have snow-really nice lines off the top chair and off the triple there are some interesting gullies which were filled in pretty well.

The highspeed quads were not running-they need another storm or two-the lift arrangement is kind of odd-the new chairs do not access the base-one has to ride a slow triple chair to get up the mountain.

first Montana cold smoke in years-wow!
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