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TR: Muju Resort, South Korea

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Hi All

I was at Muju Resort on Dec. 31 almost in the middle of the the county. Family came to visit my wife and I here and we decided to take them all to ski/ride for a one day excursion. We have no car here so we booked a trip with a travel agent. Left at 5:30 in the morning on the bus and got to the slopes around 8:00. It was snowing like crazy and about 30mph winds on most of the trails.

Beginner runs were completely packed and all the new snow (about 7 inches or so) was pushed off to expose the ice (reminds me of back home in PA!) The advanced runs were full of pow and crud and by afternoon, all we were doing was crud-busting in near white-out conditions. Not many pictures of actually skiing because of all the wind and snow (and to make matters worse, they were making snow also.)

Everything about the day was great except the beginning. In our group, there were 3 boarders and 2 skiers. There were many others on the bus and since it was a group trip, all the tickets looked pretty much the same. Well, I got the wrong ticket that said Afternoon Only. I only found out that it said Afternoon Only after I tried to get on 2 lifts and the both denied me. At any place in America, this would have been fine, but when you don't know the language and they don't know your language, it is hard to communicate that you have the wrong ticket. Long story short, I was delayed about 45 minutes from getting on the trails. After that, the day was great. Some cold feet because of rented boots (I know now why everyone says buy good boots, my toes were numb most of the day)

Anyway, great day, great trip would go again.

View from the top (above the snow cloud)

The Green Run just to show you how crowded it was:

The Resort Hotel:

A Knuckle-Dragger friend of mine and I after a great day in the blinding snow:

A warm place to relax and eat some Korean food:

The gang: (Left to right, Dad, younger sister, Friend, Mom, Mrs. Bgraves28)
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Interesting TR. That beginner run looks like nightmares I have had.
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wow and I thought Main Vein at Copper was crowded!

cool report
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Wow. I have never seen a beginner slope that crowded!
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Very cool. Any observations on noteworthy cultural or ski area type differences?
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Beginner or long-time skier, Koreans all look the part of a skier. They are all decked out with top of the line gear and apparel. Queue lines are like what I have heard they are like in Italy, a group that jams into the lines and pushes and shoves to get to the front. They had roped off lines for members and non-members. We were very glad that we had rented equipment because there were multiple people running over our skis and boards. The lodge is the same but it is typical of Korean culture. No lines, no "excuse me" if you bump into someone, just go and that's it. Other than the crowds, it was typical of an eastern resort in terms of difficulty but had a Colorado style with a village at the base.
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From what I've been able to find, it looks like Muju is the biggest ski area in Korea, but it has relatively few runs. Is this because of the topography? Do they have to do a lot of blasting and grading to fit skiable runs onto the mountain?
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Maybe it is the biggest, I thought I heard someone say that there is one bigger up near Seoul. I don't know. I doubt that it has anything to do with topography. The whole country is mountains and they all, from the ones I have been on, extensive trail systems that people use to hike. It looks like they are putting in 2-3 more runs right now and they look to be black or double blacks. I wish I could help you out more mapnut, that's all I know.
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That's crazy. . . I think I would fear for my life on the bunny slope!

Cool pics, though.
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yeah, that picture of the Green run is off-the-nuts!

makes you totally reconsider what we would call crowded here in Tahoe/Colo/Utah.

BTW, how come nobody in your family was rocking those SAHHWHEET pink bunny hats? Not that's some haute couture!
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Haha, there were a bunch of people wearing animal-looking hats with long things attached to them that acted as mittens. It is totally a different world of fashion.
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Extra points if you can learn to ski on that slope.
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interesting TR pretty cool place to ski.

that beginner run looks scary
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Originally Posted by dookey67 View Post
yeah, that picture of the Green run is off-the-nuts!

makes you totally reconsider what we would call crowded here in Tahoe/Colo/Utah.
Sure it's crowded, but I'm not all that sure it's insanely crowded compared to popular resorts in the US. Especially California resorts or a place like Wachusett or Loon in the East on a nice Saturday. Can anyone come up with a comparable photo, perhaps a base area cam?

IIRC, I think a lot of Koreans work on Saturdays. And they don't get much vacation. Was Dec. 31 a holiday?
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A lot of the Koreans I know work every day. Dec. 31 was not a holiday but kids were off school starting around the 26th and will be for the month of January. The Solar (or is it the Lunar?) new year comes around in February and that is more of a holiday around here.
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Reminds me a lot of Japanese ski areas circa 1985.
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