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Woo-hoo! Way to go, Bonni!!!
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Bonni...You Rock!!!
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So glad for you, Bonni!
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The Epicski community is really just another boost to recovery. All the support (and heckling, thank you, Milesb) is such a motivator to keep doing the best I can do. I know that if it helps me, it helps others, too.

If the Nearly Dead* can ski, there's no reason for any other Bear not to be out there having fun.

Ott........you're SkiAstute. Exactly so. "Congratulations, instead of being afraid you have to be in love with the mountains, they'll love you right back and will take care of you. Just repeat to your self: "I love this, I love this" and then listen for the echo."

And I will 'See the rabbits', DKN.

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All's right with the world. The Queen has retaken her dominion!

Way to go, Bonni!
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Good on ya Bonni!!!!!! Heck of a path you've taken in less than a year! Your spirit is up-lifting!
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Cheers, Bonni. You are inspiring!
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Way to go! Woo hoo!
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Bonni, this is wonderful! You know that the mountain is out there just waiting to dance with you, again...
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Big deal. I was more impressed when you were climbing ladders with a broken leg.

Way to go Bonni. I'm proud of you for giving it a go . Take it ever so slowly and breathe deeply that fresh mountain air.
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Bonnie, congratulations on being "back in the saddle". Like so many things in life, the first time is often the hardest then it gets easier from there. Good job and good luck for a great season.
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Just found this thread, Bonni. You deserve a lot of credit for getting out there again. Congrats!
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Congraulations, Bonni. Reading your post just made my day. I'm smiling as I type this.

Hope to hear more good reports from you over the winter.
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Originally Posted by Bonni View Post
As long as Ralph's is flat and green, I'm ripping it.

I feel so NEW. Like a virgin, skiing for the very first time. :
Can't wait to go again, and hope conditions are still good.
Once an addict, always an addict. :
Where are you skiing?
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Congrats Bonni! Welcome back to your passion!
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Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post
Happy New Year and...Git Sum!

^^motivational material
ROTFLMAO, Pard you have a strange notion of motivation!
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Originally Posted by spud6414 View Post
ROTFLMAO, Pard you have a strange notion of motivation!
I did better in the Charlotte Moats is Hot as Hell Thread, although most of hte links are now broken.

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Just found this, Bonni. We've never met in person, but I missed you these past few months... I'm pleased to see you've made it back on the slopes. :

I was able to ski with my mom in Idaho this past week -- her first trip back after MCL/PCL tears that ended her very first ski season late last winter. The mist in her eyes likely matched yours after a successful first run! I'm so glad both of you got in the saddle again!

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Regretably, several days ago Bonni told us the ski thing didn't work out so good:

Originally Posted by Bonni View Post
On the lighter side of the The News, an attempt was made to ski on Saturday and Sunday, but the zombie-like state from sleepless nights put the kibosh on this activity. Patient had problems doing simple tasks, like driving 45 miles during the daytime hours, and was nearly blowing chunks from the stress of driving while under the influence of sun seared eyeballs (even with sunglasses), Category 11 Hangover-Style headache, joint pain, spinal pain, stomach pain and general malaise. Life has taken another turn just that quickly.

Thanks for listening. Tune in tomorrow for another episode of "The Downward Spiral" starring Bonni the Mystified Headcase.:
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Thanks for the well wishes, Everyone. You guys are helping keeping me afloat.

I'm going to try to get out there Saturday. As of this moment, simple household chores are ........well........a chore. Skiing seems like a monumental task.

Ya gotta laugh or die cryin, I say.
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Bonni, keep on keeping on, what else can we do? Enjoy the simple triumphs. Remember, when you click in and let gravity pull, it will feel fine and the world will be right again.
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You're right, Mr. Crazie. It always happens that when I click into bindings, I feel this strange kind of out-of-control power........I can't explain it. I suppose Indy drivers feel the same when they click that harness. :

Now, about that hat of yours I've been trying to snag for years now......
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