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Rossi B2 - old vs. new

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Hi all;

I'm curious about the differences between the original B2, (not Bandit XX), and the '06-'07 B2, (blue). I have a pair of the originals in 170 and have found the newer ones for an incredible price, (new).

Is the newer model much different from the original? I really like mine, but don't want to waste money on something not much different. I was thinking of dropping down to a 166, (I'm 170 lbs, 5'8").
Happy new year!
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Rossi B2's

The 06-07 B2's (Blues) are more like the Bandit XX (the real original). I didn't really care for the "originals" as you call them, and liked the 06-07 B2's way more...so much more I bought a pair!

I'm 5'8" and weigh 160 and ski the 174's...166 too short in the pow for me, if you are skiing mostly in NE probably not an issue.
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The 06-07 B2s have a more lively feel than the original B2s. They still are a fairly damp ski, but not as boringly damp as the original B2. They are also slightly wider than the previous B2s giving them a bit more stability & float in soft snow.
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Agree with Rio...ski is the right combination of liveliness and dampness, much more fun than the original B2, also like the way the lengths are sized in the 06-07 model.
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Got the blue ones on SAC this summer.
Skied them recently and they are a blast!!!!!!

183cms (?) and I am 5 10" 185 and an advanced skier.

Entire setup was under $400 shipped to my door which were separate Look PX12 lifters.

Best bang for my ski buck in a looooong time.
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