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I just found this board - nice to be able to talk skiing rather than fighting the snowboard vs. skiing war over on the other message boards I frequent (mostly auto)

Name: Adam
Location: Hell aka Cleveland, Ohio - transplanted from Northeast and Denver & Steamboat for 6 years.
Age: 28
Occupation: Desk Jockey/Investor Relations Director
Height: 5'11
Weight: 180 (gained thirty since I moved to hell)

Skill Level: ? Dunno, but haven't found anything yet I can't ski.

Skis (1): Volkl somethin' or others circa 1990 - 207cm (don't know exact kind anymore - sanded down all my skis down and painted them flat black for stealth mode!), Marker M48 POS bindings.

(2): Blizzard Thermo V20's, circa 80's? Use for telemarking, 200 cm with Rotafella 412's

(3): Dynastar ?, circa 80's - the ones with the red plastic cap at the tip that falls out constantly - also for tele (I got these along with four Camalots for climbing for writing a 3 page paper in school). Riva bindings.

(4): Head? (My Dad's 220 cm from 1970's) - occasionally take em out for fun. Bindings: Steel.

(5): Either RD Coyote Fat boys or RD V2's, depending which ones my brother from Crested Butte isn't using (swap Salomon or tele depending on conditions)

Boots: Alpine - Tyrolia?
Telemark: possibly Asolo leather - two buckles.

Poles: Leki Carbon + 2 extra $5 poles in truck for when I break them and plenty of duct tape.

Helmets: 2 Boeri Shorty's and the new harley looking one.

Favorite Ski Area: Mary Jane hands down. Other favorites: Berthoud pass (when it was open, closed, and now reopened - great for fresh tracks before you get to the Jane), Jackson Hole, Grand Targhee, Big Sky, Monarch Pass, Wolf Creek and A-Basin (anywhere in the Alps - lived in Europe for 6 years and learned to ski there).

In the Northeast - Bromley, Jay Peak, Okemo. My local area now - Peak N'Peek(sob! sniff!) in Western NY.

Wife's stuff: RD Coyote V2 200 cm
The Old Salomon cap skis from mid 90's- now tele skis
Boots - ? Alpine, leather tele.

Other stuff:
Diamond Back Mtn Bike
Miata Elevation 1000 Mtn Bike

1 large container of climbing gear that hasn't been used in 4 years. Anyone need some ropes? or 5 sets of hexes?

1 big black kayak - unknown type.

Prognosis: severely depressed just writing this! - I really miss the West!


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31, M - Colorado Native, spending time out East near wifes family right now (Vermont).

Years of doing this for a living give a Ski collection that typing up will just give me carpal tunnel crys of "equipment whore" from all around! <g>

We need a G.A. Group (gearheads anonymous). "Hello, my name is Todd and I'm a gear whore." <g>

"Quod me nutrit me destruit" - What nourishes me also destroys me.
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location: Toronto, Canada
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Age: 35 (as of Feb 6)
5'4" 115 lbs.
Skis: Olin DTV 170s
Boots: Technica T something
Bindings: Solomon Quadrax 5
Skiing level: 5?

PhD Candidate, history
Rutgers University (Central NJ)

Diss. I've avoiding: "Conflicting Fires: The British Way of Death in the Age of Cremation"

I like wall climbing, kayaking and chocolate ice cream, too.

Social/sports life totally adrift owing to loss of significant other, hence no typical anything.

Attn: newly typical -- finding out the eye candy you like to watch work out is married (not fair: 20 and married -- what is up with THAT?! Grrr).<FONT size="1">

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Male, student, 21 years, 5'8, 160
Level 8, Racer and new school

Volkl P40 F1 w/deflex and Marker MRR Racing
Atomic Race 10.22 w/ race 1018 bindings and Race 9.16SL w/ race 614 bindings
Salomon 720 w/ tyrolia power select.

Tecnica Icon Carbon

Ski at Jay Peak, Sugarloaf, and St Anne

Drive Audi A6 quattro.

Bike: GT Avalanche 2000
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Hi all,
I'm new here too!
Scott, 30 y/o male 6' 140lbs
RN/EMT work in a Children's Hospital ER
beginning Ski Patroller at the local hill (Yeah, a hill, not a mountain, we're talking MO here)
Ski on either a pair of Dynastar speeds or (my rock skis) Dynastar Sports
Probably a level 7-8 according to PSIA
Jeep Wrangler and the wife drives the Grand Cherokee
Good to meet everyone!
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Level 8
K2 ModX
Salomon XWave
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33 years old

One husband, two kids (son just turned 6, and has skied about 5 times this year; learning curve is phenomenal at this age! daughter just turned 3, and we're putting her on boards next week)

Volkl G20/20s with Marker 8.2SC, Salomon boots, Scott poles -- all embarrassingly brand new, due to intermittant skiing over the past decade

1999 Suburban LT 1500; good for transporting everything and everybody, but no towing; comfortable in the I-70 traffic jams

Yonex Super RD Tour 95 and Yonex Ultimum Ti 1700 98 (any tennis players here? haven't noticed)

Copper, A-Basin, Mary Jane
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I guess I better sign up for Gravity's G.A. group.

Age: 26
6' & 150lbs
Skiing for 23-24 years
Thought I was good until I had to keep up with a French instructor for 5 days.

Current Life Goal: Make some turns on all 7 continents.

Originally form SW Montana(23 years)
3 yrs in Sacramento area,
now in Germany (In the US Air Force)
Can't remember ever skiing less than 25 days in a year.

Favorite areas
MT-Big Mountain, Bridger, Lost Trail(home)
CA-Squaw, Sugarbowl, Homewood
Europe- Chamonix, Val D'Isere, Stubaital

Rossi Bandit XX/191 w/ Rossi Axial 110
K-2 Super-G racing stock/213 Maker MRR
Bunch of straight skis/200-210
Tecnica Icon Carbon
Kerma poles
no brain bucket yet, I'm woking on it though

Dodge 4x4 quadcab w/5.9L V-8 (not very practicle in europe, working on getting an Audi or VW)
Boat(raft actually) Avon SuperShank

Sage SP+ 9' 4wt 3 peice
Ross Gunnison reel
AirFlo WF line

Sage SP+ 9' 8wt 2 peice
Waterworks Force F.3x reel
Courtland 444 WF line

BARE neoprene and breathable waders

Kind of a short list for a true gear junky, but I'm young so I still have time.
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Age: 23
Sex: Yes please
Gear: Volant MAchete McGs, 183
Salomon 900 equipes
Raichle f1 Comps
Well endowed, gsoh, big house and likes to drink.

wack, dope and gnarly don't actually mean cool. They mean to hit, a simpleton, and withered respectively.
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186 cm
95 kg
32 years
25 years skiing experience
Atomic 10.20 CXC
Xentrix 311 bindings
Salomon shoes
Völkl poles (don't use them much any more)

2 children
Have to take all of them to stay married. Wife comes down the mountain OK, oldest daughter (4 years old) is expected to catch up with wife in one or two years though.

Netherlands (no mountains)
skiing in Switzerland as often as possible (money and time are limited, sadly enough)

Transport to Switzerland: as fast as possible (distance 1000 km, 8 hours when traveling at night).
Peugeot 406 Break (French car, big by European standards, mid sized by U.S. standards).

Typed this post on a Hewlett Packard Omnibook XE2, 128 MB RAM, 10 GB HD, etc.
Dial up by modem (56k).
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Too hard to pass up joining the list:
36 years old
Southern Maine
married, wife skis
three boys, (6 year old & 4 year old skiing, 2 year old to learn)
dog, not too interested in skiing

as you may have guessed-home is Sugarloaf but I am willing to ski just about anywhere

modern equipment:
Atomic 10.20 190cm
Atomic Race/Race binding
Nordica 981R boots (not modern but they ain't broke and don't leak)
Leedom helmet

Gonzo, Steve C, Bob.Peters et al


Sage RPLxi 9' 9wt 2 piece
C.A. Harris Co. reel
last year was some wicked good striper fishin.


way too many L.L. Bean and Orvis rods (so says my wife)

assorted road bikes, mt. bikes and other toys
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Ok this is me!

Age: 30
Sex: Female
Married: Yes will be 5yrs in June
Kids: Mother of a 19month(edit this I dont know why I typed in 19yr old) and baking a new young one in the oven(pergnent).
Experience: Ski since I was 3yrs old, I guess I am not too bad.
Location: Middlebury IN
Slopes: anywhere in MI that has snow or is open
equipment: have a brain freeze right now cause I haven't been able to ski at all this season. All I can remember is I have ski's,boots and poles somewhere is storage.

HUMMMM Give me a day and I will give you some more details, the brain cells is going into mental crash.

"Fly like an Eagle" -
Steve Miller Band

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I've been avoiding this but...

53 years. Skiing for 45 of them.

6Ft. 220 (like Ott I/ve seen this creep up from 175 over the years... and SOAR the last couple)

Skis: Bandit XX and Volkl G40 plus a variety of Dynamic, Rossi FP Rossi Haute Route, to carve rocks on.

Boots: Nordica Grand Prix

Poles: 22 year old Scotts, long enough to just touch the ground. Also lif-links for the good stuff.

Green/blue/black/diamond/double diamond/triple diamond/orange triangle??? I try to stay to the white ones...

Grew up in Colorado. Learned to ski at A-basin (several owners/ renaming of runs back. Anyone remember "Molly Hogan"?). Skied there until moving to Switzerland in early 1995 and then to Portland in 1998. Ski at Mt Bachelor to avoid the "drip" at the Cascade areas.
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Skied for 30 yrs

Rossi 4S's 203 for ten yrs, just got new 192 Pilots

From Missoula MT. Grew up skiing Snow Bowl, Big Mountain and sometimes Lost Trail.

Now in Fairbanks AK
Joined the Patrol 4yrs ago. Lots of fun.

Still trying to find the time and money to heli ski the Chugach Mtns.

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Age: 30
Sex: M
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Married: Yup
Kids: one newborn daughter
Experience: 26 years of skiing experience including the last 4 years telemarking. Grew up skiing and racing back in New England and attended the Killington Mountain School in VT for 6 years. Pretty much all my friends from my ski racing high school days are in all the mags as Rock Stars. These include: Peifer, Nobis, McConkey, Moles, Swany, Boyle, etc. They are all around my age.

I then spent 4 years ski racing NCAA Div 1 in ME. I later became a USAA Level 2 Coach, but have since let it expire. Currently my main focus is backcountry ski mountaineering.
PSIA Level: 9/10 for Alpine Skiing and 5/6 for Telemark Skiing

Location: Berkely, CA and Truckee, CA. I rent a place mid week in Berkeley, CA and own my home in Truckee, CA.

Favorite Ski Areas:
East Coast: Killington, Attitash, Sunday River
InterContinental: Jackson Hole
West Coast: Alpine Meadows, Sugar Bowl, Squaw.

After a recent selling binge where I cleared out 6+ pairs of skis...

Igneous FGS 185cm, RA, 230 w/Salomon bindings
Salomon 3s w/ Salomon bindings
K2 Piste Stinx w/ Rainey Superloops

Lange X9 Race ski boots
Garmont Super G tele boots

Other Misc Gear:
Life-link and Scott poles
Giro Helmet
Ascension Climbing Skins
Ascension Probe
Voile Shovel
Ortovox F1 beacon

'95 GMC Jimmy

Independant Fabs. Single Speed Mtn. Bike
Fat City Yo Eddy Mtn. Bike
Fat City Chris Chance Road Bike
Schwinn City Cruiser
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Well, how about you new folks??!!
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Powdigger asked:
> Well, how about you new folks?

You mean like me? I signed up last month.

Other name: Ron
Age: I was 44 until a couple of weeks ago. (Doesn't that sound better than 45?)
Sex: Whenever I'm not skiing.....
Height: 6'
Weight: 200+
Married: 23 years
Kids: 2 girls, 2 boys. Only the boys still live at home.
Experience: Started skiing at 29. Part of the reason I may seem so obsessed with this sport may be that I feel I missed over 20 years of ski fun and I'm going to make up for it. PSIA Level: 9/10 for Alpine Skiing and 5/6 for boarding.

Location: SLC, Utah

Favorite Ski Areas:
Upper: Whistler/BC, Lake Louise
Middle: Snowbird, Big Sky
West: Squaw, Heavenly
East: Killington

16 pairs of skis, 2 snowboards, and 3 pairs of blades or Big Foot skis.
Most frequently on: Atomic BetaRides, K2, and still trying to decide what I think of the used Rossi Triple X's I bought last month.

Salomon Equipes with over 200 days on them--they badly need replacing.

Other Misc Gear:
'Sherpa 3' and 'Wasatch' triple-telescoping poles
Giro Helmet
Various awesome one-piece suits that don't fit anymore
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Gosh ryan if you're going to reveal yourself I guess I should.

Name: Michael
Home: Tacoma WA
Married, 15 yr old daughter - skied since 4
Stats: 6' 185
Age: 58 trips around the sun
Level 8 skier
Occupation: Planner
Started skiing at 30

Equip: Salomon X-Scream Series 195, AK Rocket 190cm, Crossmax 10 190 (on order) Salomon Course Boots. Salomon Bindings

Love fun and excitement and the pursuit of this gets me in trouble occasionally.
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Name: Kevin
Age: 36
Home: San Ramon, CA
Ski areas: Squaw, Alpine Meadows, Sugar Bowl
Occupation: Manufacturing Planning Manager, Oakland, CA
Education: Engineer (you got a problem wit dat?)
Turn ons: Honesty, sense of humor, long walks on a moonlit beach
Turn offs: Red lights and smoking
***** ooops...sorry for the last two, wrong message board ******
Skier level: No freakin' clue
Height/Weight: 5'6", 170
Gear: K2 SLC, 200cm (short skis suck!), Marker M51 bindings, Lange X9 boots that I refuse to get rid of because they are sooooooooooooo comfy. yes, you can have them when you pry them off my cold dead feet. [NOTE: I'm kidding about the short skis]
Favorite terrain: bumps and chutes
Terrain I suck on: crud and deep powder
Favorite color: red...no blue...aaaaaaahhhh
Nonskiing activities: running, cycling, swimming, computer RPGs (ugh...geek alert!), posting long, boring, rambling messages on message boards buried deep enough so that no one will read them.

I'm done. Hey, if you're gonna go, go big!
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age: 17
weight: 165
Height: 6'1"
resorts: sugarbowl, alpine, Mammoth
Skis: bandit xxx
Bindings: Salamon s900 carbon poweraxes
Pole: smith comps
Boots: salamon: evolution 8 (nothing else fits my wide foot)
Live in: Vacaville-North Bay
Hobbies: fish, mountain bike, watch ski movies
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37 yrs
From Idaho,moved to Utawwwww 13 years age
been skiing for 13 years.
Employed with Deer Valley during the the season. Hotel industry in the off season.

Learned to ski on Rossi, and been on them ever since
Rossi Bandit XX 184CM With Marker Logic sc 9.2
Techna's something for boots with custom insoles by Surefit Footbeds.
Ski over 120 days a year, at least one trip out of state a year, last one to Mt. Hood Meadows, Timberline, Oregon.
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Live: NYC
Ski: VT (I know, "ya shoulda gawn te Huntah")
started at age 8?
Learned to ski at Suicide Six, Woodstock VT
mostly. Also trips to Stowe.
The Dark Years: '82-90 no skiing (arrgghh...)
5ft 11 190 lbs
Age: That's classified.... oh okay....XXXIX...-there!
Married/kids: No,haven't been/no
What do I do?: Right now I make props for a tv (cable) show. (Hint: there's no humans, there's three initials, the last two are D,M. If I say any more they'll get me...)

Have a masters in Industrial Design (gee...)

For a living: Am investing in project to raise Hydroponic Cattle, with future extension to sheep (if I can afford it). We will handle all aspects from raising of animals to delivery of beef and lamb. (Don't laugh, this is big)

Skis: Well, I almost ended up with only one main pair this year after dumping some. Fortunately I came to my senses and purchased a few more on the used market.

Volkl P40 f1 193cm '99/00 w/marker mrr turntable w/selective deadening
Volkl P40 sl 177cm '00/01 w/energy rail w/marker 9.1 titanium no deadening
Rossi 9X 9.9 191cm '98/99 w/look t120 maxplate
Elan PSX 113cm w/salomon 500 Demos
Elan scx cap 177cm (real crappy) w/above
Elan scx 187cm (semi crappy) w/who cares

Oh yeah, then there's the 198cm P40 '99/00 race stock for super g next year

As you can see, I'm in serious need of some fats, midfats, and shorter gs and slalom skis. damn, that's a lot!

Boots: Lange L10 world cup (almost there, next year will foam) considering heaters due to a little frost bite this year (w/previous boot)
Helmet: Giro
Poles: (do you really care?) Goode thin guys- graphite. Want to switch next year to Leki
Socks: yes, 1 pair only

Car: uh...yes...let's not go there (I only need it on weekends in winter. well...)

y'all should get in on this hydroponic thing...
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Age: 44 (Wife soon 2B 45)
Married: Met wife skiing 6 years ago, got engaged at same Tahoe resort; Her daughter age 11 skis and has tried snowboarding, prefers skiing
Home: Marin County, CA - North of San Fran
Ski areas: North Tahoe Alpine Meadows, Northstar, Sugar Bowl, others (about 30 days/year)
Occupation: Environmental Consultant (Wife is nurse practitioner)
Skier level: 7 to 8; (7)
Height/Weight: 5'6", 185 (Unlisted)


All Mountain:
Atomic Beta Ride 10.20's, 190 cm w/Race 614
(Sal. X-Screams 182-ish w/ Sal S900)

GS Race:
Dynastar SF's 186 (Marker MRR/SC) for both me and wife

Slalom Race and Allaround Fun Ski:
2001-'02 Head WC Slalom Ti , 170 cm for both, w/Sal. 912 Poweraxe

Assorted another non-shaped skis for early season - get limited use

Technica TNT Explosion 8 - soon to be replaced
Wife got Atomic LC750 Race Low Cuff boots this year and loves them

All three of us do recreational racing.
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Real name: Erik
Age: 30
Location: Apex, NC
Home Mountain: Okemo
Favorites Mountains: Lech-am-Arlberg, Jackson Hole, Snowbird
Skier Level: unknown (probably 9ish)
Been skiing since: '82

Current skis:
'00/'01 Volkl P40 SL 177 - Marker M51SC Titanium
'00/'01 Volkl G31 198 - Marker 9.2 EC14 Racing
'99/'00 Volkl P40 F1 198 - Marker M51 SC Titanium
'00/'01 Rossignol Bandit XXX 188 - Rossi Axial 120 T-plate
Salomon X-Mountain (circa '98) - Marker M48 Titanium
Nordica Grand Prix boots

Since people are listing cars and bikes too...

'00 Audi S4

Fisher ProCaliber Ltd OCLV
Bianchi TSX/UL
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Name: wayne
Age: I refuse to grow up.
Occupation: member of the Peter Pan gang.
Skis: various Fischer SL and GS models
Boots: Raichle Flexon Comp
Favorite Ski area: NeverLand Ski Resort followed by Alpine Meadows, Mt. Bachelor or Stowe depending on where I happen to be. Ability: good enough to get down the hill but could always be better.<FONT size="1">

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So now we know where Tog's weird sense of humor comes from. How about a match between Harb and some PSIA honcho? We'll help you write the script, and you would have a blast making the props!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Name: Mark
Age: 48 (nah, can't be - ok, I'll stay 39!)
Height: 5'9"
Weight: more than it should be especially since I'm married to an aerobics teacher!
Location: Greater Boston area (Mass.)
Occupation: computer geek

Skiing since: on-and-off for years -
3 years during high school,
about 15 years not skiing,
another 3 years skiing occassionally,

skiing regularly (about 20 days/year) last 3 years and not stopping this time!

Home mountain: Sunday River
Learned to ski at: Blue Hills (all 600 feet of it!).
Learned to ski better at: Whistler
Preferred teaching method: Can't we just all get along?

Skis: Salomon X-Scream 8 180-ish
Boots: Technica Explosion SR
Bindings: Salomon 900 Driver Plus
Poles: Scott - lightweight aluminum
Helmet: Boeri
Rock Skis: old Head Radial Racing SC's

PSIA class level: 6-ish

Kids - 2 living in Florida:
Son in college, tried snowboarding at Whistler, kinda liked it after hating skiing.

Daughter - starting High School this fall, loves skiing, really annoys her stepmom on the slopes (ask Lisamarie...)

Ski wheels: AWD GMC Safari (dark windows!)
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Lisa Marie aka not Betty Crocker aka Couselor Troi or she who launched the 1,000 skis.
AGE: Old enough to know better and not the age I act.
Height: 5'4
Weight: Mind your darn business
Profession: Teach Aerobics Stability Ball, Body Sculpting Step, Pre Natal Exercise, etc.

Location: Boston Area
Skis: Volkl Carver Escape
Boots: Technica Duo 70
Bindings: Marker

Learned to ski way too late at 40 something.
Ski Level: 3-5 depending on the mountain

Children: Greyhound: Giselle Cats: Willow and Blackcomb. 2 Floridian stepkids, see above.
Idiosyncracies: Displays a tendancy to exhibit fits of rage wwhen someone offends her friends or teases her about her skiing ablity. Just ask g-dubs. Or her Floridian Stepdaughter. Hey!! There's a match!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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(I was lazy so I copied Epic's format)

Real name: Mike
Age: 27
Location: Whittier, CA
Home Mountain: Snow Summit a.k.a. "Snow Scummit"
Favorites Mountains: Squaw, Alpine Meadows, Mammoth
Skier Level: uncomfirmed (Definitely a 7, but not quite a 9)
Been skiing since: '78
Current skis:
'00/'01 K2 MOD X Pro 188 - Marker 9.1 SC Titanium
'99/'00 Volkl G30 193 - Marker 9.1 SC Titanium
'00/'01 Volkl V 168 - Some Tyrolia's
'00/'01 Dynastar 4x4 Big 188 Marker 9.1 SC Race
Salomon Equipe 9.0 boots

Off Season Rides:

Specialized Enduro Pro
Specialized Stump Jumper M2

Can't forget:
A wife and two beautiful little girls - just a little too young to ski yet.
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