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Weight: 145
Height: 5"7'
Age: 20
Skis: Salomon 1080's 177cm
Bindings: Salomon S850
Boots: Salomon Performa Course X-Scream
Poles: Something made by Scott
Skiing areas: Tahoe, Mammoth, SoCal (just
starting to ski in Southern California)

Future Ski Purchase: Volkl G40 F1 or Plats
Furutre Binding Purchase: one of the tyrolias

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Drivers license stuff: 47, M, 6'2", 190
Domicile: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Family: yes
Professional: avocat
Boards: Volkl G30 & Ig Fats; both w/ Marker 9.1 SC
Home Mountain: any near an airport
Fave Mountain: Crested Butte
Years on Boards: 40
Level: witheld
Scotch: hate the stuff
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You guessed it, Bob
Age - 50 (Yep)
Olympia WA, many years out of L.A.
Level - If honest, probably 7 when healthy(knee).
Crystal Mountain, main with as many trips out as possible. Always Utah with family there.
Volant T3 Powers / Tyrolia PS8
K2 X14s / Marker M9.1 SC

Salomon Performa 8.0 AXE

Rossi graphites, like 'em so much I keep extras.
Leki ultralite aluminum snap-ins
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I'm 15 and I'm a guy and I have volkl vertigo g40s(soon to be bandit xxx or xxxxs). sponsors:none, but if anyone is reading this that wants to sponsor me, I rip. ski bunnyk2 should hook up with me if she's hot and is ever in alaska. that is all.
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Age: 13
gender: F
Height 5'3"
Ability: Level 8 (dad says) I say high 8 low 9
Skis: Rossignol T power Viper 167cm
bindings: Marker M8.2 graphite SC
Boots: nordica K7.1 W race series with custom footbeds and fitting
Favorite ski hill: Whiteface Mountain
Home ski Hill: Boston Mills/Brandywine
Favorite person to ski with: Dad(Pierre eh!)but he is to slow
Friends: All ski in toilet<FONT size="1">

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Thank you for the compliment...It's a little intimidationg to chat with skiiers over twice my age and maybe twice my ability (nah!) hope you had a nice holiday!

As for you, AKRipper, I don't want to bother the others with our "mindless" young'un talk, I'd enjoy chatting with you about skiing considering you are my age....I'll post a topic for you
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yikes!<FONT size="1">

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This seems to be long enough now...I might as well chime in.

Age : 23
Sex : Male
Height : 6'
Weight : 175lbs
Home : Bay Area, California
Ride : ski and snowboard
Occupation : Administration and Web Design

Go big or go home
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Soon to be 40, I grew up in northern New Mexico, skiing and climbing in the Jemez and Sangre de Christo. Live in Austin TX but only until my wife finishes her doctorate (6 more months). I'm 6'4" and 170 lbs. I work for FEDEX and can fly anywhere in the world for free! Utah? Tahoe? Taos? Colorado? Alaska? Canada? Austria...? I'll meet you there!
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Age: 35 (in January)
Gender: Male
Location: Mid-Atlantic (Virginia)
Ability: level 7 (although I'm an 8 according to the Aspen site...Heh, heh)
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: Somewhere between 180-185 pounds
Skis: X-Scream Series 187's and Volant SuperKarve I 185's
Boots: Lange GX-7
Bindings: Salomon S900 Carbon and Marker 9.1 Turbo SC Titanium
Occupation: Computer geek for Oracle Corporation
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Missoula, MT(orginally chicago, but got tired of skiing on old trash dumps)
Saloman SUper Mountains
Saloman S900 Carbons
Technica Boots
Mountain biking, hiking, long walks on the beach.

Snowbowl Junkie
Wear your battle wounds with Pride!!!

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35 years
Salomon X-Sream Series
Salomon AK Rocket / soon
Zug, Switerland

La Grave

Climbing / Mountineering

race your fear!
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shea bird get a hold of me my email is well get together and ski sometime
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Welcome to where your dad spends all his free time when not on the slopes
Great occupation. don't let it get wasted. Enjoy your childhood. I sure wish I had more.
Good to see you involve the whole family. Make sure Jessica doesn't grow up too fast
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After lurking for a year, I just gathered the courage to register. I feel a bit shy, writing a post is very different than reading them. I want to join the party so here goes...
48 years old - but I ski a lot younger
Live in MT. (via CA and WA)
This is season #37
Still learning - having a blast!
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Welcome aboard GregB.
It's great to have you join this wonderful "family"
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Hey GregB,
Glad you joined the crew. Where do you ski in MT??? We have some other ski bums(myself included) from BIg Sky COuntry. Snowbowl is my other home. Gonna get to Discovery some too.

Wear your battle wounds with Pride!!!
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Age: 29
Sex: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 155 lbs
Years Skiing: 18
Damn desk job: Civil Engineer
Pet: 2-year old Siberian Huskey named Luke

Location: Conifer CO since 1996, but grew up in Central PA at Ski Roundtop and lots of other East Coast bulletproof.

Mountains: Winter Park, Copper, A-basin, with a few days at Crested Butte, Jackson, Vail, Loveland, Steamboat, Breckenridge, and backcountry/14'ers mixed in.

Skis: Dynastar 4X4 Powertrac 192 cm (for everything except bumps), Elan MBX C9 203 cm(for bumps), Volkl P9 210 cm (just because they're really long and hot pink), and a bunch of other old boards not being used.

Other hobbies: mountain biking (Trek 9.8 carbon fiber), mountaineering, snowshoeing, backpacking.<FONT size="1">

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Name: Luis
Age: 32 (in three weeks...)
Sex: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185
Years Skiing: 13 (on and off for first 10)
Location: Boston, MA
Occupation: Operations and Project Management

Ski areas: Killington mostly, with other NE resorts mixed in and 1-2 trips out west or to Europe a year.

Equipment: 180 Atomic BetaRide 9.22 HCSL with Rossi Axial Pro-plate bindings. Tecnica Explosion 8 boots.

Other Hobbies: Mountain Biking, Fantasy Football, having a good time
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figured I would move this thread to the front again. and update my level.
According to Lyle I am skiing at PSIA level 9 I'm shocked.. and still looking to learn more.

Oh yeah.
Age 40(soon to be 41), Male, Happily married.
Aspen ski God, PSIA level 9
Xscream Series 2001 187CM S900 poweraxe carbon bindings
Performa prolink equip boots (red not racing) with Superfeet Kork orthotics
Leki Viper Al/Carbon
Boeri Axis Performance Carbon
Smith Regulator
Oakely Pro M Sweeps
Grandoe GCS Gloves with Gaunlet liners
Favorite California resorts(I'm in SF), Sugarbowl, Heavenly, Kirkwood.
Favorite destination resorts, Alta, Blackcomb/Whistler, Vail, Telluride, steamboat.
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Very cool to "see" the people behind all the info/opinions. Still have not seen everybody's bio though. Thanks dchan for moving to the front for newbies like me.
Me-I'm North West, but I think my favorite alias is Jaky Treehorn.
Born in raised in the PNW, eastern Wa before moving to Seattle for school.
6'1" 185#'s
Male, 21 years old, I wish young.
Can't wait to finish school, move to Jackson or Telluride or some cool ass ski town, with big mountains.
Actually gave up/quit (read despised skiing) for four years in high school. God what I would do to have those four years back. If there ever was one regret of mine...
Thanks to good friends though I am back in it, and diseased with passion for the sport.
Raised on alpine that was always second hand- now they are new and all mine mine.
-dynastar vertical assaults/Marker M51- 190cm
-Stockli StormRider/ Look p8.0- 192cm
-Dynastar Course/voile pin and cable-195cm
-Pure Gold 197cm no more bindings on them just beautiful classics signed by Stein Erikson.(found them in my basement and made them mine)
-Just sold X-Scream 187 cm to afford Stockli's
-Dolomite FX team looking to upgrade next season.
-Still renting tele boots, trying like mad to find a good used pair, so if you know...
I love to charge on alpine and dance on tele.
I love my gear and my gear loves me.

BTW - have I mentioned that this is a fabulous website.

Al Bortello
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Boulder CO

rossi viper z's (198) (retired)
with rossi turntable binders (?)
Bandit x (184) with Rossi 110 turntables

Searching for wider fatter sticks

ski Copper & Winter Park but this year loving all the snow in Winter Park. I spend a lot of time there year round due to my folks owning property I get to use. Thanks mom and dad!

I sit in a cube all day thinking about skiing and cycling, converting insurance text for various electronic formats.

1986 Basso Gap (retired) with various Shimano and Mavic goodies

1999 IF Crown Jewel with 8 speed ultegra....may sell to roomie to help me afford new skis and then have local builder make a frame for me.

Litespeed Tsali with Shimano XT and Mavic Crosslink wheels -- no more hardtails for me!

Various no-longer used Fisher "wilderness freestyle" and track nordic skis

Single, devoted to free time mtn fun.

Poet: see my work at under "secret agents"

Check KVCU netcast, UC Boulder student radio station at for diverse independent tunage.<FONT size="1">

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astrochimp, donaldjacobsdj, dchan, ski crazy, kima, sippy, j-co, widespread panic, and any others from Colorado I missed... We need to get together and have a epicski day sometime.

Riz- did you see castaway?

Arby - I was born in Columbus IN, spent many summers in Seymour, visit my dad there as often as possible.

As for me:

Morrison, Colorado
Age: 34
Will ski anything (by that I mean if someone wants to ski double diamonds I'm in, or if you can only ski greens right now I'll do that too.)
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Powderhound, Maybe you misread my post. I'm in San Francisco, But several CO destinations are among my fav's.
dreaming of my Alta trip in Feb.
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Sounds like a great idea for the CO Bears, count me in!!
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I'm down.
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We reside in Dunedin, New Zealand

Kiwi number one:
Female, 41
Height 163cm (5' 4" for those not metric)
Weight - a women never tells
Skis - Bandits XL
Boots - Nordica Next 7.0

Kiwi number two:
Male, 40
Height - 6' 1"
Skis - Volkl G30
Boots - Nordica ?

Favourite ski area in NZ - Treble Cone, Wanaka.

Have made two trips to Norther Hemisphere, and have skiied at Whistler, Blackcomb, Silver Star, Big White, Whitewater, Red, Fernie, Lake Louise and Sunshine. I would not like to pick a favourite.

Planning our next trip for 2002 to include Big Mountain, Fernie, Panorama, Kicking Horse and Jasper. Costs us too much to ski in the US, but would love be able to afford to venture below the border one day. Going to Big Mountain in Montana next time will be the total of our US visit.
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Oh, alright -here's my little bits before this thread gets full

Just turned 44 years of age - 40 years of which have had time on the slopes.
Married with two kids - wife and kids all ski.
Skis: Volkl G31's - 193cm w/Tyrolia PS 9 Racing bindings; Dynastar G9 w/race plate & Marker 8.1 bindings - 195cm
Boots: Salomon ?something? 9 racing; Rossignol K1 (I think)
poles: Scotts and a pair of Allsop Shocks (anyone remember those?)
height: 5' - 11"
weight: about 10 lbs more than it should be

Spent all my life in either Chicago or Minnesota, but have been making regular trips to the Rockies since I was 6 years old. Everyone else in MN has a lake cabin, we opted for the condo at Copper Mtn. Of the 30 or so in my extended family and In-laws, only two sisters-in-law don't ski regularly, and one niece, but she's only 3.

To Ski or Not To Ski...

What a stupid question!
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Hi from Brisbane, Australia

Age - I was told a lady never reveals it.. oh ok, older than Claudia Schiffer, but younger than Elle McPherson.

5'5, 130lbs

Equipment - Rossi Bandit X (170's), Tyrolia SL110 Cyber bindings, Dalbello NX99 boots.

I ski Perisher and Falls Creek here in Australia, and Canada and Colorado when I can swing it.

Great site - we have something very similar here down under, and I already spend too much time on that DB!
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It looks like I'm a little late in joining this post but I'll give er a go anyway.

Name: Dan
Age: 23
6'2" 200lbs.
Hometown is London Ontario, But I spend most of my time in Guelph now (because of school)

Volkl V30's
Look Pivot 8's
Rossi Salto GTX

Ski mostly at Blue Mountain, smetimes at Holiday Valley.
I wanna make some money so that I can head out west sometime (before I'm too old!)

didn't start skiing until my late teens because that darned hockey kept taking up all of my time. Now I'm fully addicted to it, and my grades have never been worse (or my bank account emptier).
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