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Age: 32
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190lbs
Ability: Ripper
Remember when PSIA was registered, associate, and Full-Cert? Full-Cert Level
K2 Morrison 204cm w/MRR's
Mod X Pro 195cm(not yet mounted) w/MRR's
Rossignol Race 1 Pro Boots
Location: Seattle, WA
Hills: Alpental, Stevens, Crystal, Mission, Baker (where ever the snow is the best)
Turn-ons: Pow, Steeps, Trees, Speed, Air
Turn-offs: Death Cookies, Fog, People not knowing the basics of Skier Responsibility
IE- Do not stop in the middle of a run (see thread on getting hit)
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40, married w/3 great kids
6ft, 192lbs
Tahoe/Mammoth/Utah (SoCal resident 15 yrs)
Level 8-9 I guess
Bandit XX 191cm
Look 8 w/plate
Lange XR9
Goode poles

Elan RC GS 210cm (circa 1983)
Salomon 737 equipe

And for Gonzostrike:
Specialized S-Works FSR XC
Alpinstars hardtail (circa 1989)

Loomis 8wt
Loomis 4wt
Couple of reels

3 Loomis Saltwater Rods
2 Calstar Saltwater Rods
6 misc. other rods
2 Shimano bass rods
3 Shimano Calcutta reels
1 Newell reel
1 Shimano TLD reel
1 Daiwa SL reel
6 misc. other reels

[Obviously, I like fishing even more than skiing - can't believe I said that...]<FONT size="1">

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I think Ryan is my long lost younger brother. :0

50 years old november 2001. (can't
believe it.) yes I can...it's been a long road.

Portland, Oregon
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Age: 41
Height/weight: 5'8" 180lbs.
Location: Indianapolis, IN.
Occupation: Machinist / Maintenance Mechanic
Home hill: Perfect North Slopes
Home away from home: The Boynes, MI.
Equipment: Atomic 1020 180cm., RaceRace 4-12, Dalbello DX10
Skiing level:? 7/8 Recreational/Club Racer
Ski 20 to 35 days per year
Status: Married, no kids / no pets
Loves skiing, traveling, diving, golf, Colts football
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Age: 41
Years Skiing: 4 (started too late)
Ht: 5'10"
Wt: 200#,
Loc: Redmond, WA
Hills: Ski Acres (Snoqualmie Central)for instructing, Alpental for skiing, Crystal Mountain, Stevens
Profession: Engineer, Part-Time Level 1 instructor
Skis: Rossi Mtn Vipers 9.3, 191cm
Boots: Xscreams

Level: Ego: 7, Realistic: 6? (It's hard to rate yourself - trying to transition from open parallel to dynamic carved turns), Aspen website: 8, Breckenridge: 7/8 (depends on how easy "easy" moguls are), Heavy/wet/quicksand/ungrommed: 3, Frozen/Breakable crust on top of previous: 1

Orivs 4 & 6 wt.
Fenwick/Sci Anglers 8 wt
Renzetti Master

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Age: 37
Home: Tacoma WA
Home Area: Alpental (wish it was Crystal,>$$)
Dog: Chocolate Lab
Wife: Seattle Cop (she kicks ass)
Kids: Not yet

Best Adventure (skiing or otherwise): At age 16, got tired of crappy SE Alaska snow so ran away from home with best friend. Made it to Colorado, worked at A-Basin & Copper Mt. Skied 90+ days, partied 90+ nights.

Skis: K2 X-15's, 193cm
K2 SLC's, 200cm (for icy days)
Biggest regret this year: went to Chile in August and DIDN'T go skiing.
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Age: 47
Sex: yes, love it!! (m)
Home: Carnation, Wa
Living in sin, 2 daughters (everyone skis now)
Skiing since age 8
Ski 60+ days/nights per year
Skis: K2 ModX w/Marker m9.2SC
Poles: Goode composite
Boots: Technica Innotec HVL (high volume)
Ability: 8-9
Knee brace: Breg
Home mtn: Summit at Snoqualmie (all)
Favorites: 49 Degrees North, Mission Ridge, Schweitzer Basin, Stevens Pass
Alpine Candidate patroller, will be Aux. Patroller until able to complete toboggan (next year).
NSP Pacific Northwest Division Webmaster/Web Advisor
Work: Support Analyst for eCommerce website(SQL Server Database servers, W2Ks IIS web servers)

TaylorMade LCG Burner Irons, TaylorMade woods, driver; TaylorMade Nubbins putter... (handicap 13)
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SteveC and Bob.Peters
See the off season forum for a cute fishing joke
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Real name is Ed

52 yrs old...older than Lars but younger than Ott. Yes my first skis were hickory but they had metal edges.

Skis: Rossi 9s and Volkl F1's

Home: Flemington NJ

Home hill: Shawnee PA

2 kids...one good one (races)
one ok (just skis)

Note to Phil P:

Camelback and Alpine/Timber Hill used to be higher than Hunter....

We just skiied so hard in the 60's we wore em out before you got there.....

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Age:68 wonderful years
6'2" 235# (175# at 30, 185# at 40, etc.
Married to Ann for 45 years who today skied for the first time on shaped skis and afer the third turn just ripped the mountain for the rest of the day.(thank God!)
Skis: Atomic BetaCarve 9.26 (200cm)& about ten pair of straight skis ,207-210cm.
Boots: Salomon
26' 5th-wheel trailer with slide out.
Dodge 4x4 3/4 ton Cummins Diesel (awsome)
Boat: 26ft Cruisers, Inc. Holiday cabin cruiser.
House, too large, near Akron Ohio
Ski mountains, Midwest, East, West and Europe (which used to be home).
Skiing for over 56 years, was certified (full) 1963 and improved every year, retired after 25 yrs teaching, but now just trying to maintain where I am.

We will Ski NM for 3 weeks starting next week and Austria for two weeks in February.

Too many other hobbies to mention...
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Age: 57, younger than Ott, older than Yuki.
5' 9" 178#
Ski's, Betaride 10.20, Xentrix 412 set at 8.5 (Walked out at 7.,had my old Rossi ST650's, Dynastar MV5's and Equipe's at 9), The Atomics were bought last april, the new shaped ski's really make it easy!
Boots, Lange L10

Trek 5200, 9 speed triple (for the old legs and hills here in CO .
Trek STP 200
Cannondale M700 (no suspension at all)

Orvis glass 9.5 rod and Penn reel, 6Wt DT.

Was full Cert in the late 70s with PSIA on Mt Hood. Quit skiing in 82 when I moved to NJ, started again last January after I moved to Denver and discovered that I could still turn them right and left, but not so good in the bumps anymore (Maturing?).

Love this forum, the technical threads have really brought me back up to speed. Maybe I'll get to ski with some of you this year on the front range, although I don't think I'll make it to the gathering of the bears.

"Do not go gentle into that good night!
Rage, Rage, against the dying of the light"
Dylan Thomas
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59 year old guy[runner up, so far]

5' 8" 145-150 pounds

Married [twice], two great sons [from first]

Lawyer [business]

Live in Essex, Vermont

Ski Smugglers Notch, Jay Peak, Stowe, Sugarbush - go west to Steamboat, SLC areas

Rossignol T-Power Cobra X, 160 cm
Rossignol Race Jr. Bindings,
Rossignol Race Jr. boots [hey, at least I admit it!]

6 or 7 in reality, 8 in my dreams [ and in really good snow]
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33 years old
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Refugee from the law (practice); now a teacher and debate coach

BanditXXX, Snow Ranger, Karhu 10th Mountain
Technica, Scarpa Denali, Alico
Rossi 120, Fritschi Diamir, Voile 3 pin cable
Scott and Leki

Grand Targhee, Montana Snowbowl, Big Sky, The Village
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- colin
- 16
- Libby, MT
- Turner Mountain
- "ski GS turns down EASTERN double blacks, not western" --- hahahaha i feel sorry for you, eh, mano!
- ski the steep, ski the deep
- deeper is better
- deep snow is great
- the depth of the snow is related directly to my happiness squared
- i do like deep snow
- i ski deep snow

- RD Helidog III
- Rossignol CUT 9.6
- Atomic AXR 01
- Tua Cirque

errrr hehehhe deep snow. 9 day ski oddyssey beginning Friday morning. school? bah. you gotta know your priorities

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Yeah Gonzo, big negative on the logging. Guess I could have included my hobby as being Eco-Terrorism?? Hahaha...please everyone don't take me serious.
Anyway, Gonz you know your rivers and your good books.
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28 , vertically challenged at 5'4" ( on tippy toes )

Learnt to ski at Takapuna, NZ, grew up in Melbourne, Aust and now live in San Francisco. Ski mostly Alpine Meadows and Sugar Bowl with frequent trips to Whistler.

Other interests include paddling, hiking, surfing and guys who ride motorbikes....and mtn biking !<FONT size="1">

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-37 years old.
-La Salle backcountry, home mountain.
-Reside in Moab, Utah.
-Mostly a Telly skier.
-2 dogs. Yaak a siberian husky and Kootenai an Akita.
-Like Sibe, I drink PBR.
-a 1973 Toyota Land Cruiser gets me around.
-Skis, yeah I got a few.
-Hair, yepppp its long.
-Montana native, up by you Colin.
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Hello Hayduke!

Spent a couple of seasons working on the Yaak Ranger District and living in Sylvanite. Those were the days!


-j-<FONT size="1">

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Name: Rob
Location: Denver
Ski: Colorado (with one trip to Jackson a year)
Gear: Salomon X-Mountains 184cm Salomon S900 bindings, Salomon Performa 9.0 boots
(yeah I like Salomon)
5'11" 175 lbs

Favorite thing to do in the world is to hike and ski fourteeners in the spring time. That's just a lot of fun.
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48 yrs old
learned to ski at Kissing Bridge and Holiday Valley in Western NY.

been living in western Wyoming since 1978, skiing Jackson for the last 23 seasons, with the last 11 being with a season pass

Skis I presently own
Salomon Superaxe 2v(??) 192
K2 Big Kahuna 190
Salomon scream pilots 914 192(?) still sitting in closet awaiting more snow.

Hate bumps, love powder, end up skiing fast cruisers a lot. One knee has been scoped, don't want another.

Besides skiing I admit to being an avid bird hunter (I train pointing dogs) and a less avid big game hunter. Its not very politically correct but I am a life NRA member and a registered Democrat, even I am not always sure what to make of that!!
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Southern Vermont
Okemo, Stratton, Killington, Jay, Stowe
Volant Supercarves
Salomon Axendo 9's
Fischer Revolutions
Salomon Evolutions
If I'm not on a downhill slope, I'm deep in the woods on my wooden Landsems.
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I have a moped . . . .
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Dirtsqueezer, "The Yaak" is a great place is'nt it? I sure do miss it. Little bit hard to make a living there.
Nothing like good company and good brew from Willy and Ricks Dirty Shame Saloon.
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Age: 37
Level: 9
Location: Mammoth weekends, Whistler 1x per year.
Live in Orange County, CA
Skiing 35 years - Grew up in the PNW.

Salomon XScream Series 195
Dynastar 4X4 Powertrac 192
Salomon AK Rockets 200
Rossignol Bandit XXX 193
Atomic ARC 24 206

Bindings - Salomon S900 PowerAxe and S914

Boots: Salomon 9.0 Equipe Racing

Poles: 3 or four bent pairs

Bikes: Dean Titanium Road (Dura Ace) and Mountain (XTR)

Trampoline: 7x14 competition model.
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Hey Heyduke!!

Willy And Ricks Dirty Shame??
actually i think its changed hands about 3 times since then. i don't even know who owns it now..
i don't head up to the Yaak too often, when i do it's usually for Mount Henry or something. were you a Turner yokel?
btw, thursday night and dumping again!

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Yepp Willy and Ricks, right there next to the Yaak-O-Mat....was anyway.
Ohhhhh Yeahhhh! I ripped Turner up. Went to Schweitzer too. But, prefer Turner.
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wow, I feel special, possible the only female, and possibly the youngest (y'all don't hate me please!)

-location: Eugene,Or
-places to ski: Mt. Bachelor, Mt.Hood
-I ride pitiful K2 magics but they get me around,w/ S800's and on my feet I wear trend 3's that coordinate with my helmet...yay
-favorite terrain: powder and also very nice, very straight, and very, very, steep...
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Wow, from your earlier posts you mentioned you were young but I would have put you closer to 20. You show more wisdom in some of your comments than some of us older folks. Glad you enjoy the chatter and I certainly don't hold your age or gender against you. I just hope we don't offend you with some of the slightly off color comments sometimes made. Take care and have a great holiday.
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Big Sky Resident-A.K.A BSR
Ski most days at or near; You guessed it: Big Sky Montana. Also anywhere else I can get a comp. ticket.
Sex:Hetro of the Male gender
Occupation: Chief cook and bottle washer, (I do a little avalanche forecasting on the side)
Skis: too many to count, but I do own 7 pair of salomon x-mointains and 1 pair of Fischer alltrax X-mountains, (guess I like them or something)
I am down to 2 kayaks, 2 flyrods only 1 bike.
I work way too much but guess I like my job way too much, oh well.
couple inches more fresh last nite got to go to work now.
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Age: 26
Sex: Male
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 170lbs
Home Areas: A-basin, CO & Clear Fork, OH
Also Frequent: Breck, Keystone, Steamboat, & Berthoud Pass
Level: 9 (there is always more to learn & experience)
Boots: Tecnica Icon Carbon
Bindings:Various, but prefer Salomon 977 and 997 series without Spheric Toe.
Boards: Complete usable inventory in order of amount used:
Fischer Big Stix - 191
Fischer Mountain X - 191
Stockli Laser SC - 178
Blizzard Zero X DH - 220
Atomic Heliguide - 200
K2 GS Race - 208
(2pr) K2 Velocity - 204
(1pr) K2 Velocity - 200
some short things by Atomic - 130cm
some shorter things by Atomic - 85cm
K2 SLC - 204
Atomic Arc RS - 201
Volant FX2 - 200[/list]+ a huge pile of retired skis destined to become furniture and/or fence slats.
Backcountry Gear: Too much to carry (or list here).
Crosstraining Gear: Rollka Grass skis, Rollerblade Coyote off-road skates, & Rollerblade Macroblades.

Ok, so virtually all of my money goes towards my skiing habit, - is that so bad?

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