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Hi. My name is Tom and I'm a gear-a-holic. Age 42.
HR Manager at Fortune 100 company
Former all-american shot-putter and discus thrower and Olympic (style, not Games) weightlifter, former speedskater,current Masters track sprinter, skier since 1994. NASTAR handicap of 10. Home mountains Gore, NY and GreekPeak, NY.

Skis? As of today, new Stockli Stormrider 184 on order, Stockli Laser SC 188 (no "fraidy-cat" here--cut me, Mick!)with Tyrolia Free Flex Plus 10 and Stinflex 24 plate, '99 Bandit XX (now called Mr. Softy), Stockli Axis 180 (, Tecnica Icon X.

Previously owned? Pride prohibits me from disclosing the entire list. Thank God for online auctions and needy friends.

When do we sign each other's year books?