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Mark, thanks for the bio. You should seriously reconsider your current school of learning. Since you’ve only recently returned to skiing I’m assuming you have no idea of what you’ve stumbled into. I’ve taken the time here to alert you to your situation.

The "Can't We All Just Get Along" or CWAJA ("Kwah-jah") as it’s known ,is not only really weak it’s potentially dangerous to it’s students and skiing itself. Adherents to that system just can't make up their minds about anything. It's 100% mush and ineffective for all but perhaps 2% of the population. Actually that’s even high. Their method is "What does the class want to do today?" This is like asking high school students on a beautiful spring day if they want to have class outdoors. ("Can we bring the frisbee?")

With CWAJA one day it's "Tip the inside foot" the next it's "Roll the outside ski on edge and steer" Accidents are common with CWAJA as students can't remember what to do. They go hurtling down the hill and can't remember if they're supposed to deploy the "LMD" or not. (LMD is "Liftline Maneuvering Device") . This is because one moment they use the wedge and the next moment they're being screamed at by the instructor that they're going to ski hell for wedging! The instructor will say "It's not a 'wedge' it's an LMD and should only be used in desperation!" This leads to problems when students, wanting to do the right thing, wait too long to deploy the move thinking, "Am I desperate enough yet?" By that time it’s too late and they end up running over a small child or hitting the condos.

The "next" instructor will say "Oh that's just stupid, there's nothing at all wrong with the wedge". The really scary thing is that it's the same instructor!! This leaves the student not only confused, but seriously scared that they're dealing with someone who has a dangerous multiple personality disorder. Yet the students come back because the name sounds so soothing and convincing. "It must be my fault" they think, and keep coming back! This cycle of confusion and abuse continues until they wake up and realize it's all a mess and take up snowboarding. This is sad, and the reason CWAJA must be stopped!! Do not spend another minute with these people!!

CWAJA has most of its supporters in California (where else?). The scary thing is that these people want a state referendum to make CWAJA the official learning method for the schools. In California you never know if an absurd idea viewed as a joke by many will the next day become state law! The movement has progressed with savy marketing and with spokespeople like Jennifer Aniston (who can barely turn) talking about "It's for the kids" and showing off the logo with a teddy bear on it. (Oddly, in the commercial she's just gotten a seaweed facial and she's peeling these large strips of seaweed off as kids come running up with a huge placard of the logo which has a teddy bear on it. No one can figure this one out, it seems Aniston is in between publicists right now)
Of course Kevin Costner's been approached on this one and you guessed it, he's in. In yet another ill advised move, Costner's taken up this cause. He just can't resist anything with the slogan "Can’t we all just get along?" and a logo with a teddy bear on it. For the commercial he couldn't decide whether to do something a la "Tin Cup" or "The Postman". He finally decided on "Postman", and in the commercial comes riding in between two waring "tribes" and delivers the letter to a huge beastly looking skier. This tough, gnarly skier unfolds it to find words written in a child’s handwriting. It says in awkward letters, "Can’t We All Just Get Along?". Of course the waring "tribes" of skiers put down their poles and shields and start singing to the tune of "Kumbaya", "CWAJA is the way..."

Lest you think it’s all downhill, that Cali’s once again gone to the dog’s and we should send Idaho in to straighten them out, you should know there’s a large backlash. This sow’s ear CWAJA may have just spawned a silk purse afterall in the most unlikely area: the half pipe. Inspired by spokesman Johnny Moseley whose featured in a short commercial. He comes flying down, gets big air and pulls a move (don’t know what it’s called) lands, rips up some powder, stops and while leaning on his poles, just laughs and says "We just want to learn to rip.[then with a sarcastic smile:] CWAJA? What’s THAT about?" Then he laughs and takes off. It's been incredibly effective. (This positive add replaced a negative one that said "There’s a scourge in the land...and it’s.... CWAJA.!!...)

Well the amazing thing is twin tipping jibbers have taken up the anti-CWAJA cause with gusto. They see CWAJA as a threat more pernicious than "Snowlerblades" with the possibility of being forced to take CWAJA classes in school. The epi center of this appears to be Snow Summit outside LA.. In the parking lot kids keep a lookout for CWAJA stickers amidst the beat of thumping stereos, heckling people with "give that stuff to someone who can use it" , and replacing stickers with their own sticker that reads: "CWAJA: Say Hello to a Gaper". In the half pipe they drag effigies of Kostner with the teddy bear. They’ve even made teddy bears of their own with baggy pants and a t-shirt with the above logo, then there’s one with wallet chains and a leather jacket, and even one with a hair net and flannel shirt.
Here’s the amazing part: Behind the scenes Moseley is getting kids interested in good basic skiing skills. These twin tippers are realizing if they learn this and start teaching, they can stamp out CWAJA . So they’ve actually started teaching kids!

Thankfully for all of us the outlook is pretty good for stamping out CWAJA. Mark, this is why it’s important to stop your insanity now! You’re in the other hotbed of CWAJA, the Boston area. Most of the proponents live (where else?) in Cambridge. Given time I’m pretty confident the interest will die away if new people don’t take it up! These people just don’t have the time for this nonsense and other causes will come along.

What to do? Learn to ski! Forget these "systems" that promise instant Nirvana!

[hey- this sleep and food thing: it’s pretty good!]

lisamarie: Don’t know if the job has anything to do with it, more like I’m tolerated and the absurdity overlooked...
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Tog, you truly out did yourself on this one!
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ROFL! Great stuff, Tog!
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Bob Lacy
Live in Lake Oswego, south of Portland
55 almost older than dirt but getting there
teacher if you want to be rich, don't be a teacher
Mt. Hood i.e. Cascade cement
so-so skier, almost
you lose 3 things in old age 1)eye sight,2)short term memory, 3)can't remember the third one
Oh yeah! (see? I forgot.)
M51Turbo SC
Solomon Superforce boots or my wife's Sport 6's which don't hurt like mine do.
poles- something made of metal and pointy on the end.

Life's a pain... then you nap. Cat philosphy
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WOAH! I had no freaking clue there were so many people here:

ME: Julieta
SEX: Girrrrl
AGE: 16 (yeah, oh well, I'm young)
LOCATION: Oregon, where the skiing...isn't so hot.... (murf)
SKIMOBILE: '83 Toyota Cressida, it just keeps going and going...
SKIS: once again, I'm lame and I ride K2 magics
BOOTS: Grand Prix's
FAVORITE WAY TO SKI: Hiking ridges, I'm into moguls every now and then too, I'm not some lame-ass youngster jibber who can only ride twin-tips, (but I CAN grind a rail) oooh baby!

"When hell freezes over, I'll ski there too"
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age: 19
location: Thunder Bay, Ontario
skiing since: age 3
raced until high school (Nancy Greene, club)
instructor (CSIA 2)
Home hill: Candy Mountain (900ft vert)
just spent the season instructing in Banff (Mt Norquay, Lake Louise, and Sunshine) 150+ skiing days this season!
skis: Rossi Energy 9.9 185cm (rock skis)
Elan 9.0carvX 175cm w/ Tyrolia D8 bindings and speed plate
off-season sports: biking, hiking, running, golfing
Enrolled in Lakehead Univ fall '01: Outdoor Recreation / Geography

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Age: 25
Years skiing: 20
Location: Morin Heights, Quebec (work sucks)
Home mountain: Lake Louise, Ab

Gear:Volkl g41 w/ s900 poweraxe race stock bindings(heavy but they don't release til they have to)
Volkl g40 pro w/s900 equipe. Many rivets holding these bad boys together.
Technica Icon Carbon boots. Less than half a season and they're already starting to crack.
Boeri lid and a Protec full face lid as well.

Only 5 months left to go til I'm sane again.
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Powdigger asked:
> Well, how about you new folks?

Hello members, and "surfacing lurkers"... guess it's time I did this. I'm kind of new here, famous as a friend of SCSA aka PMTS Wacko... this Epic Ski forum is really great!

Other name: David Age: 45 (soon), on 8/9 Sex: Male
Height: 5'10" Weight: 195 Married: Not so far...
Location: see www.summitdaily.com Kids: Nope


Ski Instructor: Breckenridge, CO. Bootfitter: Various shops in Summit CO.

Real job(s): Computer industry. Used to do CAD/CAM engineering apps, now Windows and UNIX network admin gigs. Six months as an instructor, then 6 months of "Fatal Exception" mysteries.

Favorite Ski Areas:

MidWest: Wild Mountain, Taylors Falls, MN
North Rockies: Bridger Bowl, Bozeman, MT. UT: Alta CO: Breckenridge CA: Squaw
East: Umm, Farthest East was Rib Mtn in WI Not Yet: Whistler, Jackson Hole

Current Quiver (from most skied to least):

183cm Volant T3 PowerKarve 188cm Volant T3 SuperKarve 183cm Elan RP SCX
191cm Olin Selkirk 191cm Rossignol Viper 10.2 198cm K2 4's

Bindings: Marker, yes please!Boots: Nordica GPV 27.0... FAT foot Grand Prix

Shorty carving/SL ski. Demo'd a bunch, love them. New ski shoes, rumors of new Head high volume boot. Alpine Trecker, but even better, Tele gear. Have such a wide foot, have not found a great fit, though the Crispi is close. Tele is amusing.

Been a skier since 1968. Learned to ski at Buck Hill, in Burnsville Minnesota, home of North America's fastest ropetow! A claimed 12.5 mph uphill on Ballroom, the race training hill. Pigskin chopper mittens ROCK! At that time, I was lucky enough to get involved in a Jr. High ski club, with lots of lessons. Continued the lessons through High School, stayed with the same instructor. What happened to good 'ol Max, he worked us kids! Ummm, it was an Austrian style experience.

College in Bozeman, '74-77, sometimes went to class when not too busy skiing at Bridger Bowl. Started teaching beginners part time at Bridger, using that GLM thing. Got my powder legs, and my first motorcycle in that town. A few other firsts too... LOL! Ran out of money, and interest in school. Imagine that!

Went back to MN, and after a few years, started teaching part time at Wild Mountain. Funky little place, good terrain for flatlands, actually had some bumps. I really got addicted to teaching skiing, first PSIA experiences, Associate... Finally moved (back) to the mountains (well Denver anyway), in 1990. After 4 years of a pretty annoying real job, I decided to try out at Breck in '94, to teach for just one season. Made it, loved it, and one season? Yea, right...!

With a timeout for 2.5 years of network admin work for Copper, I resigned in December (long boring story). Got a chance to teach kidlets part time at Copper, but not enuf hill time. Went back to teaching, and bootfitting. Much happier.

Certified internally with the Breck U of B Level 3, which they consider the same as PSIA. As U of B is now defunct, I have only recently rejoined the PSIA, much confusion as to what my status should be, and what exam I should come back into the fold in. Amusing, considering many of the top PSIA examiners and trainers helped put the U of B program together. Sigh. One of the (many) reasons I decided to certify with PMTS. Have not given up on PSIA, but I think they have given up on me...

Done a lot of boot fitting over the years, and some alignment work. This stuff is SO important to good skiing. Have a problem foot & messy alignment myself, so boot fitting kind of came as an extension of my experiences. Have made more footbeds than I can count. Saving people's ski vacations, by fixing their feet! If not their turns in ski school... LOL!

Childood ski heroes were Jean Claude Killy, Gustavo Thoeni, Spider Sabich, Wayne Wong, Suzy Chafee, and Bill O'Leary. Oh, and Max, my instructor. For the local instructor gang, fav trainers have been Joe Marco, JR Nolan, Joel Munn, Dave (Franz) Tyrell, Bob Irwin, Matt Bellville, Jane Hamlin, Martha (Marno) Rose, Harald Harb, and Rich Meeker. Off the top of my head...

Oh yeah, I am a ski ADDICT! Whew... TMI!

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Just started reading this message board. 49 yrs. old, have skied 35 yrs. I ski Salamon and Volkol's. I am an Adaptive Ski Instructor at Mt. Bachelor,Or. I also have a hobby ski site at http://www.kokotele.com. Cheers.....
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In case I haven't mentioned it, I'm 38 and live in the Valley. LA.
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Hey wait a minute! A couple of posters above stated that their alpine ability level was at 9-10 according to the PSIA rating system. I thought that the highest PSIA rating was a 9. Did PSIA change their rating scale recently? Just asking ...
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Nah, they are just taking your lead.. 103% better
I should change mine to xschuss Charter member, level ... West coast division.. <FONT size="1">

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33 years old
Mammoth Lakes, CA.
K2 Enemy 173,AK 180, Mod X 174
Head WC boots
Randonee:K2 AK 165, Silveretta 404, Scarpa Denali
Tele: Garmont Veloce, just sold my old skis
PSIA Level 3 Instructor
Moonlight as Bootfitter, specializing in stance and alignment
"all the resort skiing is just to get you ready for the real stuff"
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35 years old
PSIA Level 3. I'm not sure if that's my skiing ability or my cert level, since I am certifiable.
ski on Dynastar/Lange/Look
Last season, although a VERY weak season (only skied 15 days) was my 18th season teaching.
Live and teach in the banana belt of skiing - the Mid Atlantic US. I teach at Whitetail, PA, and live in the DC 'burbs.
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I've been lurking here for a while... I know some of you from other forums... this is my first post

Vitals: Age 43, 6'3", 240, ACL-free knees

Ski history: Started at age 6 and have the embarassing 8mm movies. Season passes since 5th grade. Stratton brat as a kid, Stowe in college, Killington since

Location: Portsmouth, NH/Killington, VT

Skis: X-Scream Series 195, SuperMountain 194
Binders: Salomon S900 Carbon Spheric Bionic Quark Z-9 whatever
Boots: Head World Cup Silicon (was a Lange user for 25 years)

Ski Level: Generic advanced skier. Very slow in the gates. Knees can't take the zipper line any more so I finesse bumps. Ice is nice but powdah in the trees is better. Don't need no steenking PSIA numbers

Personal: DWM. No children. Into boarder chicks. Live-in girlfriend is BI. Skis on Salomon Pilot CrossMax and boards on K2 Ginsu with step-ins.

Favorite ski resorts: Whistler (sister lives in Vancouver), Deer Vallet (mom sold the Park City house, bummer), AltaBird. Killington sucks but all my lifelong friends are there.

Off season: The boat is named "Off Piste", the touring bike spends too much time in the garage, and the mountain bike mostly gets used on pavement.
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Age over 50
Skiing 50 years, ski racing 40 years as competitor, coach, official, and administrator.

Level—still faster than my kids (16 year old J2 daughter and 24 year old son)

Fun job—President, Loveland Racing Club
Real job—technical management, bleeding edge venture capital startups
Ph.D. Physics

Just decommissioned 28 pair for the summer, maybe Mt. Hood trip—3 ski racers in family—see above
1 pair of fat boys – my favorite

Oldest skiable skis – Head Vector black metal DH 220
Newest—Next years race stock K2 and Stockli SL’s

Boots: Nordica Doberman
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Geoff: Good to see you here!

Then I saw my reflection in a snow covered hill.....

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Wow. I never knew there was such a being as a bi-o-weenie...

Age: Variable...O.K - 34
Place: Seattle
Gender: Varia...er...guy
Time on Tools: Mom skied while expecting me
Occupation: Carpenter/Multi-Disciplinary
snow tool facilic... facsi...
Contract Killer
Primary Slope: Stevens Pass, WA
Ht./Wt 6'5", 220, eyes: Bloodshot.

(190), Quiver of VOs(204)
World Piste (190)
Binders: Big Red Tyrolia Bastards(ALPINE)
Pre Full-Spectrum MRR Boxcars(on the
UTBs (Tele)
Boots: HEAD Worldcup CFS. Lange ZR (on the
Terminator 1

Snow Cap, Mirror Pond, Pacifico w/
Lime (as season applies)
Tanqueray & Tonic
Wild Turkey
8'6' Lomax backyard special
20 oz vaughn smoothie
1800 cc dual weber Rally Bus
Vincent Black Shadow
.460 Weatherby Magnum Dangerous Game

Skill level: Adrenalin dependent/Injury
Off season Activities: Panhandling, Hiking,
Windsurfing, Tea...er...footbagging,
Exploring with my son.

Goals: Fire a .50 cal sniper rifle. Wreak
havoc on clinic groups blocking
runs. Live in Aruba. Stick a
backflip in the superpipe. Explore
with my son. Eat more chicken any
man ever seen. Bring Gonzo teaching
tactics to the fore. Ski Europe
for a winter or two. Cease to ever
have-to work again.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro...<FONT size="1">

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Real name: Tom

Stats: 53, 5'11", 210

Location: Silver Spring, MD

Occupation: Physicist doing neuroscience

Home Mtn: Whitetail, PA

Favorite Mtns: I'm real easy to please, but if I had to pick two, Sunday R (east), & The Bird (west).

Skier Level: Used to be a lot better, but still at least a 7, maybe an 8 if you let me stop and catch my breath every 10 feet.

Skiing history:
XC (1972-73) - only way to get in and out of a cabin I had for the winter - I've never wanted to go near XC skis again.
First started alpine in '74,
Inactive '85-'94,
Getting real active again.

Current skis:

198 Stockli Stormrider
188 Volkl p40 F1 Pt
190-ish Volkl Explosiv 3 (powder, slop & crud meister)

Just picked up a cheap 2nd-hand (but un-drilled) k2 mod 7/8 with the idea of using it for relaxing on the mtn with other old-timers, beginner kids, and generally going *real* slow (ie, a concept foreign to my Stormriders and p40s.) I have no idea how this is going to work out.

Favorite old ski (still usable):

205 Volkl Zebra with Moog plate bindings (vintage 1980???) - great ski - can't say enough about it!

Car, bike:

4wd Mazda MPV - ain't sexy but it gets me there.
Mtn bike - Giant

Family skiers:

Just my 8 y.o. daughter - first started her skiing at 3 y.o.. This past season, she skied her first seriously moguled black diamond runs without any problems. Loved it this year when she would be skiing one edge of a blue groomer, I would be skiing the other edge, exactly in synch, and passing (almost) everyone in the middle. Next season, I'm sure its going to be, "See ya at the bottom, Dad!".
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Gonzostrike -

Small world! We live about 3 mi from that HS. I'll bet we've bumped into each other at REI and didn't even know it.

Glad to meet ya.


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Who are you????? Do I know you? I'm one of the head trainers at Whitetail. Been there since day one. I used to live in Annapolis. Grew up in Rockville/Potomac. Just moved to Sterling, VA.<FONT size="1">

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We may very well have met! There is one possibility. Its a long but nice story - you will see where I'm going.

Last season, 2 days b4 New Years, my 8 y.o. daughter was hit hard from behind about 1/3rd the way down "Homerun" at Whitetail by a teen-aged boy, out of control on a 'board.

She wasn't hurt, but she got *really* scared, and immediately regressed a few levels. Much to my surprise, about a half hour after the collision, for the first time in her life, she asked if she could take a lesson. I signed her up, and from my description of her skiing, they placed her in a class (level 4, I think) with 5 adults.

When the class was supposed to be over, I waited at the bottom for a long time without any sign of Allison or her class. Finally, a half hour later, she and her instructor come skiing over - they are best buddies now.

He appologized for making her late, and said that because the adults in her group were so poor, he felt that my daughter wound up standing around and essentially got cheated out of the lesson she deserved, so he took her back up by herself for a couple of runs after the class officially ended. He then said that if we could get there b4 the lineup the next morning, he would love to ski with her for an hour or so, and give me pointers to help with her training . We couldn't turn down a gracious offer like that.

We skied with him the next morning and he turned out to be the nicest, most sincere and helpful guy. By that point, Allison had regained some of her confidence and was leaving him and I in the dust if we stood around and yacked too long.

I'm pretty sure this instructor's name was John (I probably can find the slip of paper with his full name). He was in his mid '30's, white, maybe 5' 9", 170 lbs, and lived in the Northern Va. 'burbs. At one point, a rookie black instructor came over, and from their interaction, it was obvious that John had a supervisory role in the ski school.

I have a very, very vague memory that this guy's wife (a blond) also taught at the same ski school. I seem to remember her name as something like Kris, but I could easily be mixing up my stories with respect to his wife.

I know you must see thousands of customers per season, but does this story ring any bells? There can't be all that many supervisory "Johns" at Whitetail. To help your memory, my daughter is blond and tall and slender for her age. I've got red hair and a big red beard, and usually ski all in blue. That day, I was on my very noticeable ancient 205 Volkl Zebras (rock skis) as I didn't know how good the snow was going to be that early in the season and with the holiday crowds.

Even if it turns out that this person wasn't you, you should take it as a complement to your staff and how well they treat the public.

Maybe we should chat off-line.

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No, it wasn't me. I was moving from to N. VA that week, and I think I was at my closing that day. Also, my wife isn't an instructor.

I'm the only "John" on the trainng staff, but there are lot's of others with fairly generic names, like Mark or Jim.

If you find the slip of paper that has the instructor's name on it, I'll make sure the ski school director and instructor hears what you had to say. We don't make much money at this, but it's situations like yours that make it worth it. So I'm sure he'd like to know, and to know that the trainers and Director know.
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Im kinda new here, so I thought Id add my two cents to this thread:

Linda A.
-female, 31 yrs., 5'9", 125#,divorced
-Occupation: configuration (systems)engineer
-ski in: NH, VT, ME
-Live in: southern NH
-skis: Rossignol Bandit XLs
-boots: Lange but shopping for new ones
-poles: rossi somthin-or-others
-bindings: Marker
-level: ??? Always looking to learn more.
-pets: cat (kirby) iguana (jake)
-car: red toyota. (almost bought a chrysler sebring convertible last week, but couldn't figure out where to put the Thule.)
-dream vaca: heli-skiing in New Zeland
-goals for this coming year: find a really good rec racing program, improve bump tecnique.
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Name: Scott
Age: 42
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 185
Occupation: Financial
Skiing since: Since age 3 or 4. But only been skiing regularly since age 5 or 6.

Home mountain: Snowbird
Learned to ski at: Alta
Learned to ski better at: Fernie
Ski Level: PSIA 10

Skis: Rossi Dual-Tech XXX
Boots: Raichle Flexon Comp
Bindings: Marker, Da best
Poles: Namesakes
Helmet: Going to start wearing one. Really.

Rock Skis: Olin extremes
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Reside in the Seattle area.

Age: 39
HT: 6'3"
WT: 190

Learned at Snoqualmie in 1990.
(I snowboard and X-Country ski)

My tools are as follows;

Gnu Anti-Gravity 156 (retro-80's board)
Crazy Bannana 166 (great summer board)
Avalanche DP 166 (favorite ride)
Liquid 172 (for the deep stuff)
Old wood x-country skis (its fun to ride on these old out-of-date ski's and the bamboo poles really freaks people out).

website; http://members.nbci.com/hyak
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Location: Jersey, Channel Islands, (small island near France)

Age 37
height 5'9"
weight 165
Occupation offshore financial software

First skied on a dry slope! in 1988, plastic stuff sprayed with water.


Skis Xscream series, Olin apex NT,Axecleavers
Bindings Salomon, marker, rossi
Poles Leki
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Amazing - I loved Jersey Island - Do you know the fella that owns Jersey Lavender Farms? Never thought I would met someone from there via a skiing site. - I love the statue of the folks with the flag in the town square.
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Yes, it is a nice place to live, if a bit small, 9 miles by 5 miles. Don't know lavender farms owner, just its in St Brelades and smells when you drive past! The statue is in Liberation Square, did it take loads of arguing to get that put up, but its really good in the middle of the fountains, often go to eat my lunch there. Everything in Jersey is managed by committees (sp?) so nothing gets done very quickly!

Lots of people are into skiing here, no idea why so many for an island surrounded by sea that gets snow once every 5 years.

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